Paul Andrews

Today’s Ride: Around Lake Union hub

In Bicycle Commuting, Today's Ride on February 20, 2009 at 10:25 pm

Meetings at the south end of Lake Union — Paul Allen country! — and Green Lake put me on a big round-the-hub loop. Down Aurora to Dexter, then cutting across south end of Lake Union to I Love Sushi for lunch. Then north on Eastlake to University District, picking up Ravenna and winding up at Cafe Revolutions across from Gregg’s Greenlake Cycles.

It was sunny and clear but still too dang chilly. When I got out of my meeting with the estimable Chuck Taylor, my rear tire was nearly flat. What a place to have a slow leak — in front of a bike shop! I wheeled my trusty Titus ti hardtail into the Gregg’s repair entrance and borrowed their floor pump. Was back on the road in no time. At home I changed the tube, which had one of those mysterious pinpricks you get this time of year riding the winter dross and flotsam layering our roads.

A good workout. Tomorrow morning The Lyon King picks me up for the annual Seattle Bike Swap. Full report to follow…

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