Paul Andrews

Today’s Ride: Ridge-to-Ridge-to Rainout

In Bicycle Commuting, Mountain Biking, Today's Ride on February 23, 2009 at 11:03 pm

I started out today on my Ridge-to-Ridge ride. Despite the exotic name, it’s totally in town (Seattle). I go from Phinney Ridge near my house to View Ridge via the Burke-Gilman Trail and North 65th St., then back around Green Lake to home. It’s a good workout, scaling three major rises from the BGT to the Roosevelt District on 65th.

But I didn’t get very far before the skies opened. It was a really heavy, really wet rain, too, the kind where you don’t like to be on the roadway because it can be slippery and because motorists may not be keeping an eye out for you. It’s enough to hope for drivers to see you in clear weather. Add sheets of rain to the equation and you’re asking for trouble.

So I got in about half an hour of actual pedaling. Not great. But later in the day it cleared up and we can always hope for dry skies tomorrow!

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