Paul Andrews

Today’s Ride: White on White

In Mountain Biking, Today's Ride on February 26, 2009 at 1:50 pm

True to forecast there was fluffy white stuff all round this morning. I guess in Seattle we still consider it a novelty, although we’ve gotten mercilessly dumped on this winter. Hopefully today’s spritz will quickly disappear.

But having promised to get out and ride, and having a rep to uphold, and not wanting to disappoint my fan base (photo below), I ventured out on the Intense 6.6 for some x-sno games. It was slippery, but hey, I had my matching white Lopes pads to protect me.

I popped over to lower Woodland Park, ready to rock. The first problem, of course, was the iced-up derailleur:

Snow fun: Clogged drivetrain

Snow fun: Clogged drivetrain

Eventually if it’s cold enough, you get to the point where the derailleur won’t shift. Today wasn’t going to be a problem, the snow was too wet. I tooled around for awhile, then headed for the jumps down below.

Note white matching pads

Note white matching pads

C’mon. That’s a joke. I was on a bike, not a snowboard.

Where the snow wasn’t melted it was fun. Where it was it was mucky. I got a nice wet brown stripe down my back. Soon enough my fingers went dead so I decided to head back home. Not a great ride, but given the conditions I’ll take it.

In any case, the elements showed off the custom pearl paint job on the Intense, which I call White Flite.

White on White

White on White

The main thing was not to disappoint my fan base. Who could break this heart?

Also white on white!

Also white on white!

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