Paul Andrews

Advertising That Works: Kelly Saunders Nature Valley

In Mountain Biking on March 2, 2009 at 11:25 pm

So I’m a mountain biker, right? Why wouldn’t I want to watch Kelly Saunders riding in the Elk Mountains? I watch tons of videos on YouTube and Vimeo and bike blogs, and they’re not really all that professionally done or even creative. So yeah, bring me an ad with a bike and it just might work. [Note: Click on the header to view full-screen video.]

This is one lesson of the media meltdown brought on by the Web. You have to make the content relevant. You have to make it interesting, creative, meaningful, fun. If you do that, by its very nature it will perform some advertising function. The next big disintermediation is in fact advertising, because no one is going to click on crap they don’t want to see, even if good stuff lies behind it.

  1. You are NOT watching Kelly Saunders but Russian born Luba Bocian LOL. See this website:
    click on Nature Valley (60) commercial link on a right side or check her resume. Yes, the advertising works LOL! Pretty face always sells products. As a mountain biker myself I do however wish that this commercial would not show wheel skidding hence it plays into anti-mountain biking crowd claiming that mtb damages trails.

  2. Why do they think I want to see the food in her mouth? Why three shots emphasizing her mouth.

    Dr Freud, your snack-lady is here

  3. The first thing I noticed about this commercial was the pretty girl. The second was the bike skidding to a halt which is a “no-no” in the mountain bike world just as you are never to ride after it rains because both these things ruin the trail and you need a smooth trail to ride on.

    • Agreed on the skidding, and actually the girl featured isn’t a rider but a professional model, and her name isn’t Kelly Saunders, so the whole thing is pretty much a big come-on. That’s advert for ya! Why not get Jill Kintner to show some real riding…

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