Paul Andrews

Today’s Ride: All around town in balmy sunshine

In Bicycling, Today's Ride on March 13, 2009 at 10:27 am

Today I had business downtown to attend to, so hopped on the bike for an “in-Seattle epic”! I took my usual route down Aurora Ave. N. (noting a sign warning that it will be closed Sunday for the St. Paddy’s Day run), dropping down to Dexter after the bridge, then headed onto the bizarro maze of one–way streets that is downtown Seattle.

Once I was through with my appointments I headed back north homeward, this time going the east side of Lake Union. First I stopped into REI, where the bike department has been expanded. No more racks and car gear crowding the northwest corner. Instead the clothing racks have been moved over there, the shoe stand as well, with the floor displays of bikes taking up the middle.

The sales guy said floor traffic has been “steady and good,” with more expected as spring nears. “Summer clothing is just starting to get in, we’ll be adding displays,” he added. Further evidence that the bike business is holding up well despite the economic woes. While I was there, the floor was pretty busy and clerks were running around trying to keep customers happy.

After checking out some new gear (I’ll be writing more on that front), I hopped back on the trusty Titus HC to head for the U District. My route takes me up Lakeside and past the Colonnade bike park under I-5, put together by the BBTC, now Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. They keep adding new stunts, and although I like to ride some of the baby stuff, a titanium cross-country hardtail lacks the geometry and suspension to do much at Colonnade. So I do some bridges and totters and leave it at that. I always seem to be on my Titus when I pass Colonnade; will have to bring back my armor and Intense 6.6 some time to stretch out a bit.

Then it was north to the U District, around the Burke-Gilman to University Village, then over to N. 65th for the hilly way back. It was a gorgeous day, finally warming up a bit, and with 3 layers I was a bit overdressed. I also shed the gloves on the way home. What can you say. Seattle, sunshine, a man, a bicycle. It’s not a palindrome (a man, a plan, a canal, panama), but I love it just the same.

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