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Daily Roundup: Deer Matt, University of Bikes, Bill to Aid Bike Parks, Why Mayor Bloomberg Is Wrong

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on March 23, 2009 at 10:33 am
Smaller than a mayor's briefcase

Smaller than a mayor's briefcase

AP: “Today” show co-host Matt Lauer suffered a “displaced” (separated? dislocated? hire an editor?) shoulder when he took a header to avoid hitting a deer that jumped into his path. Sounds reasonable. You don’t want to hit a deer under any circumstances, because the deer always wins. Where in New York was he riding? The Bronx Zoo?

Seattle Times: “Good piece from Ashland Daily Tidings on Ashland’s United Bicycle Institute (UBI). This is a great school. I think about enrolling every time I drive through Ashland, and ride there, which is more than occasionally. Ashland (Alice in Wonderland, Cat’s Cradle, Horn Gap to name a few) is a relatively undiscovered jewel of mountain biking. If you lived there, you could ride miles and miles of trails right from your back doorstep. A mountain biker cannot ask for more in this life.

Stevens Pass Update (kind of): We’ve been waiting for years, nay aeons, for a mountain bike park close to Seattle a la Whistler (which is 4 hours on a very good day, usually 5). Snoqualmie tried but didn’t have the trail mix or interest (altho it is now poached, albeit carefully because they’ll ticket ya!). So Stevens is it, but our sclerotic bureaucratic way of doing things in the States just seems to take for-ev-er. Two years ago it was supposed to happen last year. Last year it was this year. Now, who knows? Forest Service studies can take effin’ for-ev-er…

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg: He’s against bikes on subways but fortunately does not have regulatory authority to ban them. In the meantime, he needs to get up to speed on folding and collapsible bikes. Like mine, the Mobiky, which people already take on subways:

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