Paul Andrews

Daily Roundup: Lance “multiple” breaks, Sea Otter madness begins, Bike blogger gets Bicycling column

In Bicycle Racing, Bicycling, Daily Roundup on March 25, 2009 at 6:45 am

New details keep surfacing in the Lance Armstrong broken collarbone mishap. Instead of the earlier reported “clean break,” it now appears the bone broke into “multiple fragments.” Lance is putting his best hype forward, saying he expects to … what? be ready? ride part of? win? … the Giro. It isn’t clear. But as long as he and the cycling community keep putting the words “recovery” and “Giro” together, we’ll all be happy as Pollyannas.

IMBA has issued an invitation to an organizational update and video premiere of “Freedom Riders” by KGB Productions for the Sea Otter Classic, starting in just three weeks. The madness begins…

Thanks to Bike Rumor for the pointer.

Bicycle Retailer reports that Bicycling mag will add two new columns, including one by a blogger, BikeSnob out of NYC. Congrats! Maybe they can do something to liven up motherly hubbardly Bicycling, which seems to be running the same articles on losing weight and chain care that I was reading as a youngun in the ’70s. (Now that’s just unfair! ;^)

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