Paul Andrews

Memorial Day Weekend Roundup: Riders down, new at Whistler, Ski to Sea Race

In Daily Roundup on May 22, 2009 at 6:30 am

Heartwarmer of the day: Anonymous donor ponies up $153k for police bicycles in New Jersey — in memory of a fallen officer. From the New Jersey Star-Ledger: “The bicycles, such as the fully equipped 2009 Cannondale Police Mountain Bikes police received today, can cost around $1,000, and it took 13 years to raise enough money to acquire them.”

Appropriate to remember bicyclists on this Memorial Day. Cyclists such as Dennis Dumm, 31, of Minneapolis, mowed down by a semi truck. “Investigators said the driver will not be issued a citation.” Vehicles hit each other, small children, pedestrians, light poles, medians, all sorts of things. Only when they hit cyclists are citations not issued.

What’s new at Whistler: Second weekend of the season promises great weather and dynamite riding. A great idea: Bike Park 101, for getting riders comfortable with Whistler BEFORE they break their shoulder.

New mountain biking leg for Bellingham’s Ski to Sea race tomorrow: More mountain, less road…

My other Mini Cooper is a bike: Coop offers fixie as first in a company-branded line of bikes. Can the mini-cool translate to the bike world? The two-wheeled world breathlessly awaits…

Have a great weekend… which can only mean, Get out ‘n ride!

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