Paul Andrews

Memorial Day Roundup: Peaty unbeatable, Slow Bicycle movement, Ski to Sea redesign gets thumbs up

In Bicycle Racing, Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on May 25, 2009 at 7:20 am

Steve Peat has been out of his mind lately, winning consecutive World Cup titles to surpass Nicholas Vuilloz’s “unbeatable” record and now tacking on the Lisbon Downtown race over unbelievable cobblestones for the 8th (yes, that’s an eight) year in a row. Yes he’s the “old guy” on the circuit, but that just makes him sneaky, wily and craftier than the rest of the field. And to think he can step off the podium, hit the pub for a dozen pints and then go out and do the same thing the next day! What an inspiration!

Can't do THAT with an iPhone!

Can't do THAT with an iPhone!

In Copenhagen there is a “Slow Bike” movement that my wife Cecile, author of Slow Is Beautiful, can appreciate. As the motto puts it, “It’s style over speed.” Why not a 20-foot-long race where the one who finishes last wins? The “Slow World Cup” championships!

Bellingham Herald: Mountain bikers like Ski to Sea redesign, except for railroad ties(!). “Paul Wood, riding for NW Yogis Running Wild, joked that part of the race was so bumpy that cavities would fall out of your mouth.” Full results.

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