Paul Andrews

Daily Roundup: Portland buffered bike lanes, bike boom hits London, Crankworx invitees, Iron Horse bailout proceeds

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycle Commuting, Daily Roundup, Rider Down on May 26, 2009 at 12:10 pm Portland to add “buffered” bike lanes aimed at increasing cyclist elbow room in traffic. Interesting stuff. I’d like to ride one to get a feel, but it does look like this helps address (besides what’s mentioned in the article) the “dooring” problem of having to ride out into a lane of traffic to avoid the possibility that a parked car door will open in your path. It also creates a comfort zone, which imho is a preferable term to “shy” (experienced riders aren’t shy, they friggin’ scared!) designated by the project. In any case, this looks like a step forward.

In Philly, bike advocates take matters into their own hands against speeding drivers.

BikeBiz: The bike commuting boom hits London! A 9 percent increase year-to-year.

Crankworx invitees posted. I’d love to see Cam McCaul get a title but this may be Semenuk’s year. Usually someone comes out of the blue, though. The day to mark your calendars is Aug. 15 at Whistler. If you can’t be there, someone’s usually liveblogging or streaming the thing.

Struck and killed… Of note is the driver’s excuse for not staying at the scene and maybe helping out someone who may have been dying: He did not have his cell phone. Police are investigating, so that’s good.

Good piece on Moab, not the usual fluff, from Pasadena Star-News.

Bicycle Retailer: “An attorney for Iron Horse Bicycle Company filed a motion last week initiating the process for the sale of the bankrupt bicycle business to Outdoor Cycle Group, a company owned in part by the Randall Scott, son of Iron Horse president Cliff Weidberg.”

Another great idea from Portland: Custom clothing with bike riding in mind. You’re seeing more of this in off-the-shelf clothing as well, as well as more bike clothing (shorts, jerseys) being made with apres-cycle wear in mind.

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