Paul Andrews

Daily Roundup: SF safety clicks, Peaty interview, Amphibious bike

In Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on June 5, 2009 at 8:21 am

Kind of a light day for news, so here’s some weekend reading…

San Francisco Chronicle: “When bike-skills instructor Bert Hill quizzes students at the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s ongoing Urban Cycling Workshops about the frequency of bicycle fatalities in the city, he says guesses generally range from five to 20 a year. In reality the rate is less than two – which is two too many, but low in relation to the 40,000 cyclists and 128,000 bike trips recorded within San Francisco each day. “I’d rather be a bicyclist than a pedestrian in terms of safety,” he says. “And the dangers are easily predictable. That’s why skills are important.” Good piece on bike safety, putting the issue of riding in the city into perspective.

BIKE magazine interviews Steve Peat on how he’s managed to have such a killer season with a newborn at home. If Peaty can just win the worlds this year his career will be truly complete.

I can see the application for an amphibious bicycle, I guess, but as a Seattle-based rider most of my life I’ve had enough water-bike encounters not to seek them out!

National Trails Day is tomorrow, there’s Indie racing in Leavenworth and BMX at Sea-Tac! Have a great weekend!

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