Paul Andrews

Less Gas, More Ass: World Naked Bike Ride Exposed!

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup on June 15, 2009 at 8:23 am
Jonathan Maus/

Jonathan Maus/

World Naked Bike Ride goes off without a stitch!

Yet it remains uncovered by the media!

Portland had to take top honors, although curiously unlinked by Google and Bing, which put Chicago, Sydney and other cities ahead in their queues. According to, some 5,000 semi-clothed and all-naked (hey, they got photos!) riders showed up. What’s more, the cops went along with the ride.

What I like about Portland: They really ride naked down there. Here in Seattle, cyclists body paint in the annual naked bike ride opening the Fremont Solstice Parade (which is coming up this weekend). I have nothing against body painting, but it’s not really naked. The same for bikini shorts, thongs, g-strings and what have you. But somehow the World Partially Clothed Bike Ride doesn’t carry quite the same cachet.

So today’s burning question is: Will riders really get naked for Seattle’s World Naked Bike Ride on July 11? (Early July can be cold, wet and miserable, so other factors impinge as well.) Or will our image as half-assed and wishy-washy simply be reinforced…

More naked rider news:

In Denver, police warned that participation in the ride could mean arrest and registration as a sex offender. Sheesh, who thinks up this stuff anyway? What’re they worried about? Sex with a bicycle?

But riders covered up just enough to avoid the police blotter.

In New York, they made a cause of it: Get commuters out of cars and onto bikes!

Time Out Chicago has actual video (SFW, hee hee) of the ride there.

In Vermont, the message was peace and love…

Upon reflection, good times were had by all. When you bring people and bikes together, only good can happen.

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