Paul Andrews

Daily Roundup: Lance’s chances (redux), Fluidride No. 3 results, BC Bike Race Day 2, Alaska biking and more

In Bicycle Racing, Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on July 1, 2009 at 2:35 am

Velo News interview. Lance is still talking like he could win. He’s “not confident” like he was for 6 and 7, he admits. But he’s not willing to say he’ll lay down for Contador. “The road will decide.” Watch the video and compare his right shoulder (the injured one) with his left. The guy does deserve props for racing, knowing he could really mess his body up if he goes down again.

Fluidride Cup, No. 3, courtesy of PinkBike. Cool vid by Andy Tran.

BC Bike Race, Day 2, courtesy of Bike magazine.

Bicycles and Icicles: Cool blog this time of year. Downright cold the rest of the year.

Mountain Biking 198 conducted a poll on your next bike’s chances of being a 29er. Here are the results. I have a feeling they’re skewed. With all the mountain biking I do, I see nowhere near a third being 29ers. The only time I see a 29er at all is strictly XC riding, and flat at that. They don’t do so well on the steep tight switchbacks, and they ain’t much on jumps and drops either. They’re fine for certain riders (esp. tall ones) and certain applications, but they’re like the frame equivalent of going tubeless. They’ll stay on the margins, more power to ’em.

I almost got a Knolly Delirium T, but it’s a bit of a tank and it cost way too much. Now Knolly has marked ’em down, by as much as $1k they say, so if you’ve been waiting, check it out. The name makes my Top 10 of all time btw.

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