Paul Andrews

Riders Down: Carnage leading to holiday weekend

In Rider Down on July 3, 2009 at 1:17 am

Update: Turns out the last rider mentioned hailed from Oregon. has the details.

A bad 4th of July run-up for cyclists:

In Seattle, a cyclist was hit and killed on Dexter, the major north-south bike conduit in the city, clearly marked with wide bike lanes in both directions. Police took driver in for alcohol testing, but so far reports have not indicated if a citation was issued. It’s being investigated for possible vehicular homicide.

In the Minneapolis area, a 60-year-old cyclist was run over and killed. The driver is cooperating with the investigation. Both vehicles were traveling in the southbound lane at the time.

A 40-year-old cyclist was hit and killed by a West Virginia driver: A state police spokesman said the driver wasn’t able to see the cyclist, “who was riding after dark without any reflective gear or a helmet.”

At Virginia Tech, a dumptruck ran over and killed a woman riding a bike. Under investigation. Update: Turns out the rider was from <a href="Portland, and the accident was the deadly “right hook.”

Be careful out there. Holiday fatalities, it seems, are not just for cars any more.

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