Paul Andrews

2009 Tour de Lance

In Bicycle Racing on July 13, 2009 at 2:51 am

On this the first rest day of the Tour de France 2009 edition, we pause to pay tribute to the one cyclist who has managed to once again galvanize worldwide attention on himself while suffocating any competitive fire in this year’s peloton. We speak, of course, of Lance Armstrong, author of the celebrated biography, “It’s Not About the Bike … It’s About Me.”

Clip in your pedals, folks…only two more weeks of this to go!

Lance says he could have gone after Contador if he’d wanted, but the team came first.

If Contador wins, Lance says he’ll be second.

Lance advises fellow contender Cadel Evans to be patient, await his opportunity, and seize the moment when it comes … so Lance can crush him!

Lance is getting ticked off at all the drug tests he’s having to endure.

Ex-friends have said Armstrong admitted drug use.

Lance last fall proposed an independent drug-testing program.

The independent drug tester described a Lance testing program.

Lance subsequently abandoned the independent drug-testing program.

Lance already thinking about 2010 Tour de France.

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