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Daily Roundup: Google “bike it” maps? Marin highschoolers rock, Iron Horse bought, Fluidride No. 4 and more

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on July 16, 2009 at 10:17 am

Bike Rumor: Google maps adding “Go by bike” to its “get directions” feature? This would be super cool, especially on my new iPhone G3S. You could enter in your route and get the best route combining things like bike paths and bike lanes with major thoroughfares. The database on this would have to be pretty sophisticated to work well, but it’s a clever idea and I really hope it happens.

Now all I need is an iPhone holder for my commuter bike handlebars.

At the Sea Otter Classic this spring in Monterey, I ran into a bunch of Marin high school kids who were absolute bike maniacs. Many brought along Mom ‘n Dad. There’s a revolution going on at the font of the sport that will pay huge dividends in years to come. The latest

Iron Horse got purchased and the new owners will get the company’s patents. What they won’t get (automatically, at least), is Iron Horse’s most valuable asset before it went bankrupt: A DW-Link license. I just got my second DW-Link bike (a Pivot Firebird) and Dave Weagle’s brilliant innovation is the real deal. Believe it!

Biking Bis: Interesting piece on history of multi-gear cycling. on running red lights. I don’t run red lights either as a matter of principle. But I do use bike-specific maneuvers to get around them (e.g. taking a right turn and then U-turning back to make a left turn, as opposed to having to try to stop traffic on a bike in the middle of an intersection) when it’s safe and warranted. My philosophy on riding in traffic boils down to one simple ideology: Stay alive. Sometimes to do that you have to bend traffic laws aimed at two-ton behemoths.

PinkBike: FluidRide Cup No. 4 results from a rainy day at the Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Bryn Atkinson pulled down the win with local (Issaquah) favorite Luke Strobel in second. Congrats to the Evil Bikes/Fluidride shop team which placed two finishers in the Top 10! The Evil Revolt made its debut in late spring, quickly sold out, and is showing some eye-popping results on the circuit. The bike to watch!

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