Paul Andrews

Daily Roundup: A bad bike day

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycle Commuting, Daily Roundup on July 17, 2009 at 9:15 am

Some days a poor bike just can’t catch a break. In Leavenworth WA, a bike got blamed for “Passion of Christ” actor James Caviezel’s “minor injuries” when a man “hurled a bicycle into the path” of Caviezel’s motorcycle. C’mon motos are bikes too! They just have combustion engines on them…

In South Carolina, a man was stabbed in an argument over a bike. Somehow I don’t think we’re talking about a Pinarello or M3 here either…

On a serious note, Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club and the City itself are being sued to prevent construction of the “Missing Link” to the Burke-Gilman Trail. This is strictly a delay tactic — a previous appeal was tossed out — and a waste of time and money as well as an attempt to “break the bank” of the club, the nation’s largest local cycling club. More later, but for now here’s the club’s statement. Please contribute what you can.

  1. Oh man that news from Ballard is LAME! Still, kudos to Dave Hiller for this quote in the Ballard News Tribune:

    “This foot-dragging has gone on for two decades,” Hiller said. “If (the businesses and industries) could ban puppies and rainbows they would, because that’s the kind of people they are.”

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