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Daily Roundup: Stinkers deodorized, A biking inspiration, Downieville results

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on July 18, 2009 at 12:12 am

Kudos to for picking up on this: In Colorado, of all places (mountain and road biking both are hugely popular there), Jefferson County commissioners have some cloth-eared notion of banning bikes on any and all county roads.

Richard asks we help spread the word and nip this stinker in the bud. Here’s some key links.

Bicycle Colorado Action Alert

News story

Richard’s “slightly more incendiary take

BikePortland reports on the Vancouver Columbian‘s editorial calling a bike license fee a “stinker.”

Seattle Times: Inspirational story about cyclist who came back from the near-dead. Now I want to check out his book:

“Nearly a decade of work went into compiling information for and writing “The Taneum and Manastash Trail Systems: Mountain Biking in Kittitas County, Washington,” a guidebook to area mountain biking trails. When he teamed up with Ben Sainsbury who created a Web site with three-dimensional maps of trails across the country – the result was one of the most comprehensive and ambitious projects of its kind.”

Mountain Bike Action has all the mountain-bike action from Downieville last weekend.

And have a great this weekend! Which can only mean one thing: Get out ‘n RIDE!!!

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