Paul Andrews

Daily Roundup: Bleet the heat, banned cyclists, NoTubes lawsuit, Lance boosts Tour TV and more

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on July 29, 2009 at 12:35 pm

It’s hot, may reach 101 degrees in Seattle, making it the hottest day ever … recorded … in history. Right now we’re at 94, I’m about to head out on my second ride of the day. Will keep ya posted! Tweet tweet

By the way, when you blog and Twitter the same item, I’m calling that a Bleet, right? So to make things clear, I will bleet the heat!

First Colorado, now Iowa seeks to ban cyclists from using roads…to echo Bike Rumor, W-T-F ??

Bicycle Retailer: Judge grants stay in NoTubes lawsuit…but it looks to me like NoTubes won this one. More power to ’em. Specialized has strong-armed too many small outfits in the bike biz, nice to have the tables turned on them.

Lance’s chances boost France’s glances: TV coverage of the Tour de France brought in nearly double the viewership this year from last. Lance brought ’em in, but you have to congratulate the Versus team, from commentators to camera people on down. The Tour often was dull, but the coverage never was.

Worldchanging: Let’s complete the Burke-Gilman Trail already!


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