Paul Andrews

Could Seattle get a mayor who actually rides?

In Bicycle advocacy, Obama Bikes on August 7, 2009 at 7:25 pm

It could happen, if we elect Mike McGinn. As noted here earlier, McGinn is a dedicated cyclist who understands bike issues and culture. For much of the campaign he’s been considered a long shot, but a new KING TV poll puts him third, with 15 percent of voters and growing. More than ever, Mike needs cyclists’ help to put him into the November general election.

Over at SeattleLikesBikes, Michael Snyder has posted a nice synopsis on what we can do to help McGinn build on his final surge. Here’s the pitch — please give it some thought and do what you can!

To our Fellow Bikers,

We have a historic election in front of us. Right now we decide how we want this year’s Mayors race to look. Mike McGinn is a bike advocate, a biker commuter himself, and has successfully fought for bikers.

This primary election is important. Getting Mike through to the general election means we will have a bike advocate fighting for us, fighting for safe streets, and for better transit options.

We’re asking you to dig deep and please donate to the McGinn for Mayor campaign.

How important it is biking in this city to you?

1. Is it worth a bike repair kit?- Donate $10

2. Is it worth new commuter slicks?- Donate $50

3. Is it worth a really nice new helmet? – Donate $100

Together, we can change this city and make Seattle the best place to bike in America.

  1. While Mike McGinn may ride his bike to work, this shouldn’t qualify him as the best candidate for mayor. Look at McGinn’s position on the tunnel to replace the Alaska Way viaduct. Is broader use of surface streets by cars somehow improving the life of bikers? What was McGinn’s involvement in bringing about the bicycle master plan? In short, we bikers live in a broad community of diverse interests One position favorable to the biking community doesn’t make for the best choice in mayors. Single issue voters are frequently the least informed voters.

    • Thanks Dave, I didn’t mean to imply Mike is a one-issue or one-dimensional candidate, only that his many other strengths as a candidate made it all the more curious he would be passed over by Cascade. But as I note in the piece, there were also extenuating circumstances of course. Although it would make no sense to apply a one-issue test to any candidate, it’s also been my experience that bicycling candidates tend to see issues along similar lines to the way I think, so from that standpoint the holistic approach also seems to work itself out.

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