Paul Andrews

This Day in Doping: More UCI-French squabbling

In This Day In Doping on October 9, 2009 at 9:40 am

The French and the UCI are fighting again … bring out the Ritalin!

UCI fires back at French anti-doping authority accusations: Did not! Did not favor Lance, Bert & Astana!

But the French aren’t backing down. Saying they’re really really skeptical of 2009’s “squeaky clean” Tour de France, the AFLD announced they won’t play along next year with the UCI (which supervises drug testing during the Tour).

“I am astonished that there was no positive doping tests at this year’s race,” said AFLD president Pierre Bordry.

Small wonder pro cycling can’t make much headway in the drug wars. These guys are acting like junkies coming down off a 3-day jag.

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