Paul Andrews

2010 Tour de France trash-talking already under way!

In Bicycle Racing, Lance's Chances on October 16, 2009 at 2:22 am

Lance says his main rival in the 2010 Tour de France will be Alberto Contador. Bert says his main rival will be Andy Schleck. The Tour is what, 9 months away? And the gamesmanship is already in full play.

And speaking of being coy, Lance still hasn’t made up his mind whether to race the Giro or Tour of California. So, hey, we’ll do it for him. Lance, you and I both know the Giro would be better training for the Tour. In fact, you might even want to win the Giro, given the fact you never have, it would be a nice feather in your comeback hat, and you and you won’t win the Tour. But you and I also know that Team Radio Shack is an American team, with American sponsors, and skipping out on the “Tour de France” of America — the Tour of California — which deliberately moved back its dates (despite the conflict with the Giro) to accommodate growing crowds and media interest, as well as the weather gods, would be a ginormous snub.

So, decision made: It’s Cali all the way. But for now, keep us all guessing. It’s more fun that way.

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