Paul Andrews

Riders Down: Shorter days, worse weather, more tragedy

In Rider Down on November 18, 2009 at 1:01 pm

There’s been a spike recently in rider deaths, perhaps a time-of-year thing. Although the usual culprits are cited (right hooks, dump truck carelessness and the ever-popular “still investigating,” meaning the cyclist was not at fault. If the cyclist is assumed to be at fault, police figure they don’t need an investigation, yet another incentive to blame the cyclist).

Here’s a new wrinkle from a real tragedy in Flagstaff, where a university student was literally hooked and dragged to his death by a garbage truck.

“It is still unknown who, if anybody, was at fault in the collision, said Sgt. Michael Terrin of the Flagstaff Police Department.”

Yeah, that’s a real head-scratcher.

Can you imagine a car accident involving fatalities where a cop would say, “Looks like no one may be at fault here.” Just one of those little traffic misunderstandings, you know…

Other deaths in the news:

Frank R. Smith, 54, of Piketon OH killed by Toyota Sienna while riding a bike.

14-year-old Farmingdale NY cyclist killed by car.

Clearwater FL man, 52, killed by van.

Randal J. Thomas, 47, of Leavenworth WA, killed by tow truck driver riding Blewett Pass Hwy near Hwy 2.

  1. Yeah, Flagstaff requires quotas for their garbage truck drivers. You know drug/alcohol tests are complete and the vehicle GPS could show exact position and speed of vehicle. Cell phone records might show not jaw jacking while turning. Over 2 weeks now and paper and city have failed to make a follow up. Seems like they are hiding something. Looks like a cover up.

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