Paul Andrews

Idaho MTB license plate? Who would kill a bike shop owner? Brotherly love loses to bicycle hate & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Lance's Chances, Mountain Biking on December 4, 2009 at 9:24 am

Boise mountain biker has a campaign supporting an MTB license plate (for cars). Hey I’d pay extra. As it is my license plate holder says, “My other car is a mountain bike.”

You know, it takes a special kind of hatred to kill a bicycle shop owner.

What happens when clueless fools pass bicycling ordinances? Just ask the riders in Philadelphia

What happens when cyclists clue in the legislative element? Just ask the riders in La Honda Creek

Helicopter airlifts injured 50-year-old mountain biker from Crystal Cove State Park south of Newport CA. It’s a great park that I’ve been riding since my late 40s and someone that age can get into trouble real fast coming down the steeps. But it’s a challenging, fun place to ride, with unearthly views, and this time of year you grab riding where you can. What puzzles me, as always, are the cruel attitudes toward cyclists in the comments queue. Where else would you see someone who’d been seriously hurt get attacked like this? Hey, Happy Holidays to all you spewsters!

Agreeing with the judge, it’d be nice to get the Trek-LeMond nastiness behind us. Subtext not mentioned in this report: Greg hasn’t been happy with Trek since he suspected Trekkie Lance Armstrong of backstabbing after Greg accused Lance of doping. The two greatest American cyclists ever seem to revile one another; it’d sure be nice to get them on the same page and help move the sport forward.

This one’s a puzzler: Australia is ending its elite mountain biking support because of lack of federal funding. This country has produced half a dozen World Cup standouts in recent years, as well as world champions in dual slalom (Caroline Buchanan), downhill (Sam Hill) and road (Cadel Evans, who started out as a mountain biker, and who is none too pleased with the cuts). What’re they thinking Down Under?

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