Paul Andrews

Weekend Roundup: Ibis Mojo HD, Bike Biz OK after all, Duthie work party, LA anti-harassment & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup on December 12, 2009 at 3:30 am

Following up on my unrequited Xmas lust for an Ibis Mojo HD, PinkBike has the full Mojo on the HD.

Bicycle Retailer: Nobody’s cracking open champagne, but Taiwan’s 2009 bike biz not as bad as it might at first seem.

Duthie Work Party this weekend.

Los Angeles appears headed toward passing a Bicycle Anti-Harassment Law. That’s the good part. Let’s hope it doesn’t run afoul of state law, as a similar ordinance passed by Seattle did. The state Supreme Court ruled that state law superseded local ordinance. It’s one of the main reasons Cascade Bicycle Club will put the full press on the 2010 State Legislature to pass “Vulnerable User” legislation.

How many cyclists does it take to power a home? Believe me, you have NO idea.

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