Paul Andrews

Another Thule T2 rack failure

In Equipment reviews, Mountain Biking on January 5, 2010 at 2:29 am

Following up on our investigation of Thule T2 rack issues, we’ve received another email from a reader who experienced a catastrophic failure.

“The exact same thing happened to my Thule T2,” wrote Tim Cook in a comment posted on Bike Intelligencer. He referred to the issue we’ve chronicled whereby the rear rail on the rack slides off the center post, dumping the bike onto the pavement behind.

“Unfortunately, I was in heavy traffic, my $6k bike was destroyed, and the mess sent another motorist in to the ditch.  She and her passenger both left the scene on gurneys and were transported to hospital.”

After we followed up in email to Cook, he informed us that he has filed an insurance claim and contacted Thule’s customer service. Because of the holidays, he does not expect a response from the company till after the New Year.

Cook also plans to post a YouTube video on the incident.

We also have put a call in to Thule, which in the past has proven responsive to similar situations. We’ll keep our readers posted.

And we continue to believe Thule should issue a recall notice on the T2 with a free retrofit aimed at preventing future accidents like these.

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