Paul Andrews

News Cycle: Ghost bikes, RUI, Utah won’t yield & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Mountain Biking, News Cycle on February 4, 2010 at 2:32 am

The Ghost Bikes Film Project that Bike Intelligencer subscribed to failed to reach its fundraising goal, but Meaghan Wilbur says she’ll soldier on and do the documentary one way or another. Best of luck to her!

Man riding a bike in Naples, FL gets a “DUI” for being intoxicated. $7,000 bail. Chicago DUI Lawyers is watching the case, so maybe they could tell us if, technically, the guy was “driving” while UI.

Utah considered a progressive law to allow cyclists to yield at stop signs instead of having to come to a full stop. It died in committee in part over fears that cyclists would sue when run over by drivers. Now there’s a perfect get-rich-quick scheme. Get a bike, watch for a car at an intersection and ride in front of it! No more worries over money — you’re set for … life!

In Marin County, the celebrated birthplace of mountain biking, where legendary Mount Tam and Repack and Tamarancho draw mountain bikers from all over the world, the local newspaper is running a poll asking how much trail access mountain bikers should get. And mountain bikers are getting hammered.

Fun story from totcycle on “Why We Drive.”

Not so fun story (with fortunately happy ending) from about his encounter with a left-turning vehicle.

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