Paul Andrews

Waiting for LeMond…

In Bicycle Racing on February 5, 2010 at 1:51 am

Nice folo from VeloNews on the Trek-LeMond settlement. You have to read between the lines here. From the judge’s questions, it looked virtually certain that Lance’s doping suspicions would be raised in the trial (Lance’s ex was barred by her attorney from answering questions during deposition about his doping).

That would have put Trek under enormous pressure from Lance to keep him out of all this at a time when the Comeback Kid least wants negative publicity.

It’s probably an overstatement to suggest that Trek caved, but put it this way: Had Trek held the upper hand, there probably would be a gag on Greg against discussing any Armstrong connection.

As the VeloNews piece makes clear, there is not.

So we’ll continue to wait for word from LeMond re Lance (memo to @greglemond: Whatever you feel about Lance, the guy knows how to use Twitter!). As we stated earlier, our preference would be a burying of the hatchet so these kings of the road could work together to promote cycling’s future in America.

  1. Twitter: And Lemond went through the effort to get a verified account, but hasn’t actually tweeted anything.

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