Paul Andrews


Seattle-based and West Coast-focused, Bike Intelligencer covers the world of cycling, from commuting to mountain biking with an eye toward safety and trail advocacy, health and fitness, and just plain having fun.

  1. Thanks for your coverage of the biking world. Have you had a chance to review the newest electric bikes now available, especially the Pedego Comfort Cruiser? check it out at


  2. Is this the same Paul Andrews who used to write about technology in the Seattle Times?

    • You got it. What is it about bikes and technology that go hand in glove? I will say my bike tends to work better than my computer! And it’s faster ;^)

  3. Thanks for posting a link to my messenger blog here in Boston, I’ll definitely link up to your site so people who read mine will read yours. Cheers! -Dan

  4. Paul, Do you twitter?

  5. HI,
    I just stumbled your site by accident, I have to say a pleasant surprise!

    Care to drop me a line at krien (aT) mountain cycle dot c o m?

    It would be nice to touch base with you!

    Mountain Cycle

  6. hello – i was wondering whether you have heard of would you be interested in posting a little entry about it?

  7. Paul, I like your site! Thanks for dropping by Cyclelicious — I’ll yours to my RSS reader in just a sec.

  8. Paul
    like your site
    liked the peek at Chicks and bikes (wish I could get used to that term, but hey, I guess I never will…in the sixties, chicks were boy-defined girls.
    That rankled, even then at 13. So…I wanted to say hello, and commend you on a) existing and b) reet nice pic of rain puddle with drops hammering the surface.
    For some reason I really enjoy seeing this when riding in hevvy rain, keeps me from feeling grumpy that I’m freezing, wet, and ten miles from destination.
    Patterns in puddles.
    Beats the alternative (blandeur in gutters). is me

  9. Hi Paul: Not sure where to ask a question, but I’m newish to Seattle, in Fremont since Feb, and have yet to find a smart, safe way to get from here to church in Queen Anne, which means biking along lovely Dexter, then, I guess, riding on the sidewalk against traffic on Mercer to get under Aurora? Am I missing something? Isn’t it a fairly important matter to get north-Seattle people to the Seattle Center area on bikes?

    • You’re not missing anything, except hopefully the car coming at you. Seattle does far better and north-south for cycling than east-west. I can’t think of any better way than the sidewalk, unfortunately. Good luck!

  10. Hey Paul, I stumbled across your nice blog via a Twitter mention. Would you be interested in reviewing one of our epicRIDES virtual ride DVDs for indoor cycle training? If so, please email me at:

    Thanks and keep on peddling!

  11. I LOVE reading your blog. Did I give you a copy of my movie, Klunkerz, yet? S orry, I can’t remember if I sent you a package or not. You mentioned the KQED PBS radio broadcast with the cast, but I don’t know if you ever got a copy. You can reach me through the website. Let me know.
    Ride on,

  12. Hi Paul,

    Looking at the Aug archives, didn’t see anything about the Bike Share Expo in Seattle on the 11th. If you or anybody else would like to hear about the Seattle organization who is trying to put public bikes on the road, please check out

    Mark – Head Groupie

    • Thanks Mark, I was at Crankworx in Whistler or of course would have been there at BikeShare, but thanks for the shout out and I’ll be further in touch. I’ve written about bike share programs and it’s an area we will continue to follow…more later!

      • Thanks, Paul

        I lost one of my main project coordinators to Crankworx for the Portland show, so I understand the need to ride fragile little bikes over large slippery logs.


  13. hi paul,

    my next door neighbor Peter Sussman turned me on to your blog–great work, I tweet it all the time. anyway, here is a link to something going on in SF called “Sf bike coalition bike in movie night”. thought it might be of interest.

    — darryl west

  14. Would you mind emailing me please are your earliest convenience? I rep Ms. Kintner. Many thanks! (See email)

  15. I picked up on your site by backtracking the links to mine.

    Sorry I missed you at the Appetite Seminar. I was on the bike by 7:00 a.m. to beat the crowds.

    I saw John Loomis in town afterward and tried to keep him around long enough for a beer, but he said his friend was in a hurry and had to leave.

  16. Hello Paul, a mutual friend Eric Stobin sent you the story about Thanks for putting the link to the story. I would like to send you some stickers to try out and get a real world experience. I would appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks for your time.

  17. Hi Paul,
    I hope this finds you well.
    Would it be possible to email you directly?
    Kind regards

  18. Check out this news story and video from CBS news, Los Angeles about electric bikes gaining traction with Baby Boomers.

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