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In Daily Roundup, News Cycle on January 11, 2010 at 11:02 am

I came up pretty dry today, but there are plenty of other Monday Morning Roundups around…up. Quakes, Complete Streets, Peak Car Ownership & more… Transit ridership, S.F.’s first bike box, history’s most expensive traffic ticket & more…

SF.Streetsblog: Transit cuts, Riders drop their pants, Bike Racks on Great Highway & more…

News Cycle: Unknown cyclist, UCSC bike library, Oregon’s new law, Snow cycling & more

In Daily Roundup, News Cycle, Rider Down on January 7, 2010 at 2:35 pm

Tomb of the Unknown Cyclist: A Palo Alto bicycle rider killed by a CalTrans vehicle Dec. 19 still is not being identified by authorities, who claim a policy of notifying next of kin before making an identity public. Apparently no one can find the guy’s next of kin.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to publicize his name in an *attempt* to locate next of kin?

Cool idea: UC Santa Cruz’s bike library.

In Oregon they’re moving ahead on vehicular homicide legislation. Let’s hope Washington State legislators can follow suit in Olympia.

Bike plus Snow

Can't ride snow without a smile on your face

BikeRadar offers a Chris Ford tutorial on riding in the snow. There’s nothing like riding a mountain bike in the snow, it’s beyond fun. Especially when the snow is fresh and crunchy. Highly recommended.

When your name is Ryder, it seems only fitting that you be honored as the Canadian cyclist of the year.

Daily Roundup: Folders, Ride with Dave Wiens! Bike insurance, The Perfect Crime & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on January 6, 2010 at 12:13 pm

Folders are hot!

The ugly ripple effect when a major retailer closes its doors.

Bicycle insurance: Idea whose time has come? With more folks, especially Gen/pick your letter/ers, relying on bikes only for transportation, maybe so. If it does happen it will tell us something about a major demographic shift. Insurance always runs the numbers first.

From a cop: Bicycles have a right to the whole friggin’ lane. Dave Wiens is coming to the Marin DirtBowl! Not many cyclists have gone head to head with Lance Armstrong and emerged the winner. Dave Wiens, the standout Leadville 100 retired pro, can make such a claim. Although it’s certainly a distinction in his long and glorious career, it’s far from his signature accomplishment, and Wiens is a generous, modest and exemplary representative for the cycling community. Be sure to join Wiens, the Marin County Bicycle Coalition and the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League for a big fundraiser ride starting 10:30 a.m. Feb. 7 at the golf course in San Geronimo. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the typically boring, overhyped football game where the commercials outshine the onfield “entertainment” — unless, like me, you want to. has more.

The Perfect Crime: If you’re out to kill someone but don’t want to serve any jail time, all you have to do is make sure they’re riding a bicycle at the time. What could be easier!

Daily Roundup: Searching for red van, Facebook violence, BikingBis hits 6-0, 72-year-old cuts back

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on January 4, 2010 at 7:56 am

Police are seeking witnesses to reckless driving — injured cyclist accident near Redmond. Police are looking for a “newer red Honda Odyssey.” Someone out there knows, time to step forward and do the right thing.

And there’s a TV report. Note that one of the riders has a seat cam but apparently wasn’t using it on the ride. This may be one vital defense cyclists have in the never-ending battle with two-ton behemoths.

Deserving of further investigation: Facebook page encourages violence against cyclists… If you’re on Facebook you can tag the page as inappropriate.

Sixty-year-old guy celebrates birthday with 60-mile ride. Congrats to Gene Bisbee of BikingBis blog fame, looking forward to great things for 2010…

No worries, Gene & us other sextagenarians have lots of rides ahead of us. Here’s a mountain biker who at 72 acknowledges cutting back on the jumps and hucks (can’t afford to crash as much!).

Daily Roundup: Mark Weir’s loss, Bike biz slump, Jimmy Mac looks back, Steve Smith rocks!

In Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on December 31, 2009 at 2:40 am

Mark Weir‘s Marin home burned to the ground. He and his family are safe, thankfully, but what a loss… Best wishes to the Weir clan.

Ooof…bike sales down 5 percent in October, shipments down 11 percent. It’s gonna be awhile before we dig out of this hole, folks.

On the brighter side, Mountain Bike Action‘s resident Everyman, Jimmy Mac, looks back on 2009. Great stuff, but Jimmy, I haveta speak up. That photo of the guy going over the rock: As a faithful MBA reader, I recall a letter you printed whose author claimed the photo was faked. And MBA said, as I recall, Hey, we DO NOT FAKE photos. So which is it? Your faithful fan, Paul.

We luv Evil cuz they’re based in our home town of Seattle and have one of the coolest bike names, slotting in at No. 4 on our Top 10 Bike Names Of All Time list. So by extension we have to luv Steve Smith.

Happy 2010 everyone! Now get out ‘n RIDE!!!

Daily Roundup: New bike legislation! Ellipti-wha? Logan Owen can ride! Fuita reg open, LA bike plan where?

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycle Racing, Daily Roundup, Obama Bikes on December 30, 2009 at 9:37 am

Anyone who has worked for bicycle advocacy knows how hard it is to get any legislation passed whatsoever involving freakin’ bicycles. So it was with drop-jaw wonderment that we noticed a new law expanding bicyclist rights in 2010. That’s right. In Big Bear, it is now perfectly legal to ride a bike without a bicycle seat, as long as the bicycle was designed to be ridden that way. As the article notes, the California State Highway Patrol is ready to enforce this law, starting now!

And they say progress is hard…

A common mistake we can all relate to: Guy tries to ride a bike across a frozen river, falls in, nearly drowns. “I thought I could bunny hop the soft spots,” he told rescuers. (Nah I made that last part up.) One lucky dude…

OK, I admit it: This kid can ride a bike. You take one look and you know, this kid can ride a bike!

Eliiptiquoi? Here’s a bike that enables you to run while you pedal. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Why not just run when you wanna run and bike when you wanna bike? We admit to being stumped. When we were triathloning back in the day, the whole idea was that running was good for your cycling and cycling was good for your running and swimming was good for … absolutely nothing at all. Swimming was useless. But “tri” means “three” so there had to be something.

There’s no seat on these things. And although the marketing copy says they can climb, I’d like to take one up, say, Bolinas Road before I believe it. As for passing racing bikes on the flats … well, good for a laugh anyway.

The one thing about the Elliptigo that does make sense is keeping the running muscles in shape without the pounding on pavement. I gave up running when my back and knees started feeling it … so who knows? Fruita Fat Tire Festival registration is O-P-E-N! If Los Angeles is going to all the trouble to have a Bicycle Plan, why can’t it at least get copies to its libraries?

Mountain Bike Action: Eric Carter’s plea to Los Angeles to consider bikes in its park plan. “This simple machine I believe saved my life.”

Daily Roundup: Bike beating, Bike parking, Bike Corraling & more

In Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on December 29, 2009 at 12:56 am

Guy gets beat over the head with a bicycle … did the cops ask victim, “Were you wearing a helmet?”

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog is tracking what happened to the neighborhood Bike Corral.

NY Times writeup on Danny MacAskill is also about how YouTube makes celebrities out of everyday folks … the way newspapers used to.

RC asks for help tracking down this weird unicycle. Never seen one, would love to ride one!

If you have the time BikeSnobNYC has the loquacity.

Daily Roundup: Moving Pictures

In Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on December 28, 2009 at 2:47 pm

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this would be a gimongous post. Enough said.

The bicycle as an anti-theft device.

A bicycle without a fork.

The bicycle as a levitation device.

Daily Roundup: Aptos starz, Cascade Bicycle Club advocacy, Folders are hot, bikes ‘n fealty & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking, Obama Bikes, Videos on December 27, 2009 at 3:35 am

Pinkbike comes to Aptos and discovers a whole new world out there… Welcome Jordan!

Speaking of Aptos, we were riding there the day before Christmas Eve, coming down the road in Forest of Nisene Marks, when who should pass us driving up but Cam McCaul & the boyz, pickup full of bikes ‘n lads. It’s kinda cool when you can see the stars from Crankworx and DVDs cruise by like any other day in the woods. Hope they did some maintenance on the trails, someone took out the jumps and the lips are all ragged on one of our favorites anyway.

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club, along with Silverdale Cyclery, will host a bicycle advocacy workshop for Kitsap cyclists beginning 9:30 a.m. Saturday Jan. 9 at the shop, 9242 Silverdale Way NW in Silverdale on the peninsula. RSVP at or 360 692-5508.

And Cascade’s Transportation Advocacy Day will be Jan. 28 in Olympia. RSVP to Chris Rule.


Mobiky the folder king

Folders are big among the younger gen. I can’t pretend to understand why exactly, especially since I the ancient have a folding Mobiky, but it’s definitely true. The only other Mobiky user I know lives near me in Palo Alto (a complete and statistically anomalistic coincidence; there just aren’t many Mobiky riders out there) and he’s like 25. He loves the things. He says if I want to sell mine, which is actually my wife’s, he already has a buyer. Or two or three.

Chris Kovarik tells his secrets.

Bike sharing in Silicon Valley now has a date — March.

Reason No. 2,369 to ride a bike: It helps your marriage last … and last!

Daily Roundup: Shot on a mountain bike! BikePortland support, BikeJuju photo winners, Cyclists are sexier & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking, Obama Bikes, This Day In Doping on December 26, 2009 at 12:07 pm

Please consider taking the BikePortland pledge. Jonathan & crew run a great blog, must reading here at Bike Intelligencer.

And while you’re at it, the Ghost Bikes Film Project is a worthwhile cause as well.

BikeJuju photo contest winners. Amazing, amazing shots.

BikePure: Trying to reboot a soiled sport.

SeattleLikesBikes: Making cyclists 2nd class citizens.

EcoVelo: A cafe in Oakland that thinks bike riders are sexier.

If you’ve ridden a mountain bike, chances are you’ve been shot…with a camera or camcorder. Not shot this way, and hopefully never this way.

Mercury News: A kid named Blake Sessions is doing custom chainrings for fixies. That’s right, his name is Sessions … really. Gotta get him on a mountain bike!

Once again, they’re talking about a mountain bike park at Stevens Pass in the coming year. Let’s hope it’s for real in 2010!