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Daily Roundup: More bike giveaways, including a new record, robotic tandem, justice equally meted & more

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Waxahachie: Police donate 70 bikes.

A 10-year-old raises money to give away bikes.

“Bicycle Man” breaks the record with 1,100 bike giveaways!

What makes Fat Cyclist tick.

Ride tandem and make yourself a robot for a stoker and guess what. No complaining from the back about not being able to see anything!

You can break the rules and become a mountain biking world champion. And you can break the rules and look at jail time.

There is some justice after all.

Weekend Roundup: Ibis Mojo HD, Bike Biz OK after all, Duthie work party, LA anti-harassment & more

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Following up on my unrequited Xmas lust for an Ibis Mojo HD, PinkBike has the full Mojo on the HD.

Bicycle Retailer: Nobody’s cracking open champagne, but Taiwan’s 2009 bike biz not as bad as it might at first seem.

Duthie Work Party this weekend.

Los Angeles appears headed toward passing a Bicycle Anti-Harassment Law. That’s the good part. Let’s hope it doesn’t run afoul of state law, as a similar ordinance passed by Seattle did. The state Supreme Court ruled that state law superseded local ordinance. It’s one of the main reasons Cascade Bicycle Club will put the full press on the 2010 State Legislature to pass “Vulnerable User” legislation.

How many cyclists does it take to power a home? Believe me, you have NO idea.

Daily Roundup: Tough grrrl, Fat Cyclist—Fat Fundraiser, Shipping your bike for holidays, Wrongful deaths & more

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Any of us who went through puberty know that 16-year-old girls are the toughest, strongest, orneriest creatures on earth. So here’s a mountain-biking version who did an unintentional 90-foot huck and lived to tell the tale, when she’s back up and around anyway.

It also helped that she’s Scottish of course. Said the Welshman.

Have you been watching what’s going on over at Fat Cyclist? I mean, $100,000+ in less than 3 days???

Taking your bike along on holiday travels? You’re a fool, you know. Here’s to wise you up. I may well take my bike on my holiday travels. It will be on a Thule rack atop my car.

Giant’s CEO on bike sales during the Great Recession (or Double Dipression as I like to call it): They ain’t as good as most execs will say.

The wrongful death suit is turning into a pretty good weapon for families of cyclists heedlessly run over and killed by negligent drivers (many of whom aren’t even cited). Usually they’re settled, and with good reason. No court is going to side with a driver who just wasn’t paying attention enough to avoid snuffing out someone’s life.

Daily Roundup: Video detection for cyclists, Lemond-Trek update, Lance trains on mtb, Million Car Challenge, Happy Birthday Jacquie!

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Innovative use of signal-mounted cameras to automatically change light to green when cyclists are at intersection. Santa Clarita CA, named in 2007 a Bicycle Friendly Community by the League of American Bicyclists, has requested $390,564 to fund a “Bicycle Video Detection Project.”

VeloNews: More on the LeMond—Trek legal spat, this time with backstory of Greg dissing Lance.

The secret is out! Lance and his new Team Radio Shack are training on mountain bikes!
: The Million Car Challenge to allow bikes to use the full right lane.

Happy birthday Jacquie Phelan!

Daily Roundup: Cars invade SF bike lanes, CA state parks still open, Amy & Steevo,

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Bicycle Retailer: So far bike vendors are saying it’s not as bad as last Christmas. You could knock me over with a feather, or even a double-butted spoke.

S.F.StreetsBlog: When bikes ride in car lanes, it’s get that damn bike outta my way! When cars drive in bike lanes, it’s get that damn bike outta my way!

Tom Stienstra: State parks staying open despite cutbacks.

Sent from a friend: The Thanksgiving conversation we’ve all had. on filtering forward

How many bikes do you own? If you’re about average, according to Robb’s survey, then I own twice as many bikes as you.

Idaho MTB license plate? Who would kill a bike shop owner? Brotherly love loses to bicycle hate & more

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Boise mountain biker has a campaign supporting an MTB license plate (for cars). Hey I’d pay extra. As it is my license plate holder says, “My other car is a mountain bike.”

You know, it takes a special kind of hatred to kill a bicycle shop owner.

What happens when clueless fools pass bicycling ordinances? Just ask the riders in Philadelphia

What happens when cyclists clue in the legislative element? Just ask the riders in La Honda Creek

Helicopter airlifts injured 50-year-old mountain biker from Crystal Cove State Park south of Newport CA. It’s a great park that I’ve been riding since my late 40s and someone that age can get into trouble real fast coming down the steeps. But it’s a challenging, fun place to ride, with unearthly views, and this time of year you grab riding where you can. What puzzles me, as always, are the cruel attitudes toward cyclists in the comments queue. Where else would you see someone who’d been seriously hurt get attacked like this? Hey, Happy Holidays to all you spewsters!

Agreeing with the judge, it’d be nice to get the Trek-LeMond nastiness behind us. Subtext not mentioned in this report: Greg hasn’t been happy with Trek since he suspected Trekkie Lance Armstrong of backstabbing after Greg accused Lance of doping. The two greatest American cyclists ever seem to revile one another; it’d sure be nice to get them on the same page and help move the sport forward.

This one’s a puzzler: Australia is ending its elite mountain biking support because of lack of federal funding. This country has produced half a dozen World Cup standouts in recent years, as well as world champions in dual slalom (Caroline Buchanan), downhill (Sam Hill) and road (Cadel Evans, who started out as a mountain biker, and who is none too pleased with the cuts). What’re they thinking Down Under?

Daily Roundup: New mtb speed record, SF adds bike lane, stolen bikes & more

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PinkBike: A new world speed record on a mountain bike! 131mph, which is just 21 mph faster than I’ve ever driven in a car.

SF.StreetsBlog: They’re dancing, and wheely-popping, in the streets of San Francisco, which just got its first bike lane in 3 years, thanks to a partial break in an absurd legal logjam preventing anything bike-related from moving forward. (Happy 1-year birthday to the StreetsBlog network btw.)

Vancouver BC police find cache of stolen bikes. Take a look at the list, your bike may be on it. Once I came back from a night concert in Vancouver to find my supposedly invincible inch-wide cable almost sawed through. Thankfully someone spooked the crooks before they could get the job done. I was less lucky in Portland, where pros stole my Trek Y-33 in a matter of moments. My second mountain bike, a Rockhopper, was stolen from a Vancouver hotel. But by that time I’d given it to my son-in-law.

Moral: Vancouver and Portland are the worst bike-theft cities anywhere, only maybe not in that order.

The NorCal and SoCal high school cycling leagues continue to amaze.

Biking Bis: Cyclists and climate change, from Gene Bisbee. Also worth checking while you’re over at his site is Gene’s report on his bum knee. You can’t ride a bike regularly without exposing yourself to knee problems, so we all commiserate. Hope you get well for the holidays Gene! (And keep that bike locked while riding in Vancouver.) cogently analyzes the inequities of law enforcement re bikes v. cars. This will continue to be a pressure point as more riders take to commuting and start knocking on City Halls for support. In Seattle, with a cycling-friendly mayor and City Council, we have high hopes of providing a progressive model for metros everywhere.

Weekend Roundup: SF Bike Expo, How to get off with light sentence, Joe Breeze, LA’s “Dr. Doorstop” and more

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Tomorrow is the big SF Bike Expo at the Cow Palace. Since along with the jump competition and usual eye candy there’s a killer swap meet, I will be a lighter cyclist in the wallet this time tomorrow. Also, they just announced Cove Bikes will be showing up. Back in the day I’d hang out at Cove before tackling NorthShore stuff — this was when they had the station wagon from the seminal MTB film, “Tread,” out front. Cool folks then, still are. Some of them may even be at the Expo! Schedule here.

How do you shoot at someone’s head, come an inch from murdering them, and walk away with just a 120-day sentence? As DrunkCyclist explains, you do it by making sure the person you’re shooting at is riding a bike. If I’m not mistaken, DC is studying the law, so his deconstruction makes for edifying reading.

And in other anti-cycling news, David Zabriskie makes it easy for cyclists to put in a bad word for the Los Angeles physician recently convicted of intentionally injuring cyclists by jamming his car to a stop in front of them. The physician reportedly is gathering lots of letters of commendation; let’s counter with letters of condemnation. “The District Attorney’s Office is collecting these statements in support of the cyclists,” Zabriskie’s “Yield to Life” site notes. “She plans to submit the letters with the motion at the end of next week so we encourage you to submit a letter to her in a timely fashion so that she can include it in her packet to the judge.” All you have to do is click.

Just 6 days away: The annual Fairfax CA Turkey Day ride, or “Appetite Seminar.” Last year there were hundreds of mountain bikers climbing all over the hills, and this year’s weather forecast looks smashing. Never to be missed. See you there!

Robb at Mountain Biking by 198 interviews the venerable, the humble, the august, the acclaimed Joe Breeze.

Daily Roundup: Food bank ride, Crashing the boyz, Bike licensing & more

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David Longdon: Join David and friends for a Thanksgiving Day Ride to benefit Northwest Harvest, the food bank people.

Jacquie Phelan, who’s as good a mountain bike historian as we have these days, recalls crashing the boyz ride back in the day. Great writing, great reading.

Yeah that’ll work: The City of Brotherly Love looks at licensing bicycles after two pedestrians got hit by cyclists.

Mountain bikes on the Continental Divide Trail? Are bike people friendlier?

Daily Roundup: Easton recall, Sam Brown on TV, Part III “Missing Link,” & more

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Easton recalls bikes because of piece-of-crap stems that break.

The saga of Sam Brown, the brilliant slopestylist who took his own life after being arrested for drug trafficking, makes CBC television.

Part III in SeattleLikesBikes wonderful series on the Burke-Gilman Trail’s “missing link” in Ballard.

There is justice in the world: Palo Alto cops track down a bike thief.

Fat Cyclist’s appeal: He’s Everyman on Wheels. Here his crew takes on Fuita — and yes, Fruita wins.