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Tale of Two Ryan Leeches

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What are the chances there are TWO Ryan Leeches in North America, close to the same age, who have made names for themselves in the cycling world?

100 percent.

The B.C. trials rider Ryan Leech.

The American cyclocross rider Ryan Leech.

Pivot Firebird: The Gold Standard

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Race Face Deus granny makes a nice addition to gold Firebird pivots

Race Face Deus granny makes a nice addition to gold Firebird pivots

Toss in a gold Chris King bottom bracket and you've got a veritable Fort Knox down there!

Toss in a gold Chris King bottom bracket and you've got a veritable Fort Knox down there!

Daily Roundup: More Tour, and More Tour, Jeff Mapes, STP gears up, Hornby Island, More Tour

In Uncategorized on July 10, 2009 at 2:15 pm

If somehow you just crawled out from a manhole cover, or returned from a space shuttle mission, and you haven’t figured out where to watch or listen or log onto the 2009 Tour de France, Bike Hugger has the rundown

I watch the Tour on Versus, follow results on Velo News and listen via Twitter. Hey there’s nothing like being fully plugged in while you wait 3 hours for something interesting to happen. Today (Stage 7) I was disappointed at the lack of attacks. It seemed like everyone was just out for a country ride, courtesy of their paid team of guides called Astana. Beautiful scenery, I must say.

But this was the first mountain stage, with two more on the way. Tomorrow could extract a higher toll as recovery time starts to be a factor. Although Alberto Contador looked like he could climb for hours, tomorrow is always another day. I wish I could say may the best rider win, but I fear doping is still a problem and still games the results. Doping is key to recovery turnaround, of course, so maybe if we see some attrition in the back-to-back-to-back mountain stages, we’ll know the peloton is finally cleaning up its act.

Biking Bis: Rain forecast for the second day of the 200-mile Seattle-to-Portland classic. I did this ride a number of times back in the day (in this case, the 1980s) and can remember getting drizzled on. But the ride later moved to mid-July to virtually guarantee sunny, warm, dry weather. I mean, normally it’s a lock.

But this spring/early summer has been different. After a ruinous first half of May, which dumped twice the month’s average rainfall in a matter of two weeks, Seattle had nothing but dry and mostly sunny weather through June. As any grizzled Northwesterner knows, you eventually have to pay up for a run of good weather. Looks like this weekend could be an intro to the Great Reckoning, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for otherwise.

PinkBike: Hornby Island. Hornby’s a classic XC place with rollicking, swoopy trails. A bit of a challenge with all the ferries, but worth it in the banana belt of the Gulf Islands.

Mon Dieu! Wenatchee’s Tyler Farrar 2nd in today’s Tour

In Uncategorized on July 5, 2009 at 12:17 pm

First-ever Washington State rider in the Tour dang near pulls off one of the huge upsets of this year’s epic. Invincible Mark Cavendish nosed out Wenatchee’s Tyler Farrar at the finish line, but Farrar served notice he’ll be continuing their ongoing, and sharpening, rivalry. Let’s hope next time (could be tomorrow!) Tyler can pull the rug out from under Boy Racer (also the title of his new book). Thanks to Wenatchee World for tracking Farrar.


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Still in the window at Gregg's Greenlake Cycle

Still in the window at Gregg's Greenlake Cycle

What a Hoot: Dalmation Riding Bike

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The old joke about a dog standing on its hind legs gets updated.

Stolen bike police beat: Do you sense a trend?

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 at 7:50 am

Four bicycles (three locked) stolen in a matter of 15 minutes in Palo Alto on Tuesday. This from San Jose Mercury News police blotter:

Palo Alto
300 block of College Ave., 1:57 p.m.: A locked bicycle was reported stolen.
1200 block of College Ave., 2 p.m.: A bicycle was reported stolen.
100 block of Primrose Way, 2:03 p.m.: A vehicle window was smashed and items were stolen.
700 block of Ramona Street, 2:04 p.m.: A locked bicycle, bike gloves and some cash were stolen from a carport.
1900 block of Embarcadero Road, 2:08 p.m.: A vehicle window was smashed and the side mirror was broken off.
300 block of College Avenue, 2:11 p.m.: A locked bicycle was reported stolen.

Get Investigated for Stolen Bicycle and Make $50,000

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Ain’t America great?! Florida professor is caught on video “taking” bike, gets investigated by police, who turn it over to state attorney. Professor resigns and is paid $50,000 to keep quiet and just go away. Eight hundred million people in the world live on a dollar a day and this guy walks away with fifty large. Only in America… “Christine Dillingham, the 22-year-old USF student who was borrowing the bike when it was taken, said she was unsettled by news of Rao’s parting compensation. ‘Crime really does pay,’ she said.”

State Attorney Will Review Stolen Bike Case

In Uncategorized on February 17, 2009 at 11:46 pm

This is the one I linked earlier where the university dean was implicated in a stolen bike case. Now Tampa Bay Online is reporting there may be charges filed:

“Abdul Rao, a senior associate vice president for the university, had admitted to taking the bike outside the Byrd Alzheimer’s Center last week – an act caught on video that spread virally on YouTube – but said he planned to return it.”

Let’s get this straight: So it was outside the Alzheimer’s Center, eh? And you’re saying you were going to return it but forgot to, eh?

OMG! University Dean Investigated in Stolen Bike

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Making the rounds: a University of South Florida dean who makes $384,000 a year is caught on camera in an incident police are investigating. The dean pleads “lapse in judgment” but his explanation begs the question: If he was so concerned about helping his comrade, why didn’t he just buy him a new or used bike? Not like he’s hurting for cash…

It’s such an obvious question, yet the St. Pete reporter apparently didn’t ask him.

YouTube video below, but to see full-screen version click here.