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Daily Roundup: Portland Bike Sharing II, BC Bike Race, Bike Pods with showers, NYPD sued by cyclist

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycling, Daily Roundup on July 8, 2009 at 7:25 am

Seattle Times: Portland will try again with a bike sharing program. Details still sketchy, but remember, this is the city that drew attention for a “yellow bike” sharing program. Crudely yellow-painted bikes were made available for free — ride it where you need it, leave it there for the next rider. But theft and other issues eventually depleted the program. Attrition has been a perennial challenge for bike-sharing programs, for even the most widely acknowledged success in Paris. For all the issues, bike sharing remains a highly visible tool for seeding additional rider interest in metro areas.

Wish I could have been there at the finish of the BC Bike Race. Bike magazine was, thanks for their report.

I’d go for this: Fully enclosed bike parking pods with showers!

Fighting back: What’s the value of a YouTube video? If Christopher Long, a Critical Mass cyclist, wins his case, it could be $1.5 million. Long, who was riding in a New York event, is suing the city’s police deprtment for assault after an officer filed a false report. A YouTube video shows an officer assaulting the cyclist.

Daily Roundup: This Day in Drugs, local bikeboy does good, BC Bike Race sabotage, naked cyclists and more

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This Day in Drugs: Thomas Dekker is out of the Tour for doping…in 2007! Think the UCI honchos are trying to send a message here? Wonder how many of Lance’s old samples they have lying around, waiting for some new technology to analyze?

BC Bike Race, Day 3: Morons are removing course flags to screw up the race. The racers are overcoming the morons.

The only bad thing about having 25-year-old Tyler Farrar, Washington State’s first Tour de France cyclist, in the upcoming Tour will be having to listen to the announcers try to pronounce his home town of “Wenatchee.”

BikeJuju: Naked cyclists are a blogger’s best friend.

The Adventure Life recalls the recent bike recalls. Worth a look-over to make sure your steed ain’t on a list.

Dave Wiens will speak at REI Boulder on July 7. Hope someone blogs it. Hope someone asks how Dave plans to kick Lance’s ass again in the Leadville 100 this year, what with Lance having the Giro & Tour (by then) under his belt.

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Club is auctioning off bib No. 10,000 for this year’s Seattle to Portland classic. Current bid is $120 but c’mon all you bikin’ ex-Microsofties, we can do better than that…

Daily Roundup: Lance’s chances (redux), Fluidride No. 3 results, BC Bike Race Day 2, Alaska biking and more

In Bicycle Racing, Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on July 1, 2009 at 2:35 am

Velo News interview. Lance is still talking like he could win. He’s “not confident” like he was for 6 and 7, he admits. But he’s not willing to say he’ll lay down for Contador. “The road will decide.” Watch the video and compare his right shoulder (the injured one) with his left. The guy does deserve props for racing, knowing he could really mess his body up if he goes down again.

Fluidride Cup, No. 3, courtesy of PinkBike. Cool vid by Andy Tran.

BC Bike Race, Day 2, courtesy of Bike magazine.

Bicycles and Icicles: Cool blog this time of year. Downright cold the rest of the year.

Mountain Biking 198 conducted a poll on your next bike’s chances of being a 29er. Here are the results. I have a feeling they’re skewed. With all the mountain biking I do, I see nowhere near a third being 29ers. The only time I see a 29er at all is strictly XC riding, and flat at that. They don’t do so well on the steep tight switchbacks, and they ain’t much on jumps and drops either. They’re fine for certain riders (esp. tall ones) and certain applications, but they’re like the frame equivalent of going tubeless. They’ll stay on the margins, more power to ’em.

I almost got a Knolly Delirium T, but it’s a bit of a tank and it cost way too much. Now Knolly has marked ’em down, by as much as $1k they say, so if you’ve been waiting, check it out. The name makes my Top 10 of all time btw.

Daily Roundup: Green bikes, Bellevue racks, BC Bike Race and more…

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycle Commuting, Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on June 29, 2009 at 10:04 pm “With a $225,000 state trips-reduction grant, organizers handed out 200 free bikes, some gear and training lessons. About 265 people, who enlisted through 25 employers from King County, joined the program, which began last August.”

Seattle Times: New bike racks in downtown Bellevue. Believe it or not, bike rack shortages are the single most annoying thing about riding in any downtown.

Bicycle Retailer: REI Awards $10,000 to Adventure Cycling. Onward with the Sierra Cascades Bicycle Route!

Biking Bis: Louisiana governor signs 3-feet-please law, something Washington State, the No. 1 bike friendly state in the union, just can’t quite get done, alas. The Bicycle Book is here!

If you don’t cycle, you might not get why bike lanes need to exist on streets paralleling bike paths. Here’s why, from and the Seattle Dept. of Transportation.

Bike magazine is covering the epic BC Bike Race

So is the Norona Life blog.

More bikes than cars in Amsterdam.

A cop driving a cruiser hits a cop riding a bike. All I wanna know is, was a citation issued?

Weekend Roundup: Thrice bummed, Lance’s chances and more

In Bicycle Racing, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on June 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm

Bummed to be missing the Fluidride Cup at Mt. Hood OR this weekend.

Also bummed that I can’t be in B.C. for the start of the fabled, the legendary, the epic, the agonistic and ecstatic BC Bike Race today.

And thirdly bummed that it’s so friggin’ hot out here in NorCal that this pobo can’t ride!!!

Are we hot or not?

Are we hot or not?

In today’s Nod Nod Wink Wink category, we have “Astana Names Contador as Astana Team Leader.” Now we all know who calls the shots on any team Lance Armstrong is on, right? I mean, we just do. So why pretend?

Who can rule Lance Armstrong out (of winning the Tour)? asks Bicycle.Net in an otherwise reality-based rundown of Tour contenders. Me. I do. Um, over here. Lance will not win. Even if he’s still doping. Next question…

I like Race Face. Never had a problem with any of their components. Now they have a new breakout crank line that’s dazzling on the eyes and not too severe on the pocketbook. Full details from Mountain Bike Action.

Finally someone does an unspun, detailed, informative review of Stan’s NoTubes wheels. Talk on the street is that Stan’s rims are soft. Light, yes. Durable, no. MTO (Bill Lobe) gives the full rundown. Some good lines too: “I found them to be stiffer than my in-laws.” More true than the wheels as well…

Beautiful, masochistic BC Bike Race adds solo category

In Bicycle Racing, Mountain Biking, Multi-Day Trips on February 19, 2009 at 7:42 am

Because only slackers need the support of a whole team

Registration opens Feb. 24th for this exercise in self-punishment. Only 400 spots open, so you’d better jump on it fast. I’ve never raced this event but have a friend whose friend did it practically solo when the rest of the team disintegrated on her. That is one tough woman. The map shows the scope but not quite the depth of this ugly, wonderful challenge.

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