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News Cycle: Boise’s new cycling laws, Fainting can kill, Kolelinia explained, B.C. scammer or hero?

In News Cycle, Rider Down on January 14, 2010 at 9:34 am

Passed: New cycling safety laws in Boise.

Given a pass: Woman driver who killed mother on bike cleared of wrongdoing because, she says, she fainted.

Kolelinia: A severe lapse of judgment, marked by bouts with insanity, while riding skinny half pipe suspended 12 feet over traffic in crowded metropolitan areas. Curiously high rates of occurrence in architecture and urban planning professions.

Time for Mountain Bike Action to do some um, er, investigative reporting? The Vancouver B.C. scammer arrested for collecting stolen bikes under the pretense of returning them to owners but actually selling them for a profit … turns out that same guy was featured in Mountain Bike Action magazine as a “Local Hero.” Not that MBA is backtracking…the charges “may or may not be true,” its post declares. We may or may not be impressed by such reportorial enterprise. Could it be that MBA‘s article led to the guy’s detection and arrest, and this might be an as-yet unrealized notch on their belt? Bears investigating, anyway.

And the mystery is what?

In Bicycling on December 16, 2009 at 12:09 am

New York Times: “Why a Toronto man stole 2,865 bicycles last year remained a mystery on Tuesday after he pleaded guilty to reduced charges… While various theories have been floated about his plans for the bikes, he declined an invitation by the judge to make a statement.”

Igor likes bikes!

Livin' the dream...

Why make this more complicated than it is? Like many of us, the guy likes bikes, that’s all there is to it. His passion got a little out of control is all…

OMG! University Dean Investigated in Stolen Bike

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Making the rounds: a University of South Florida dean who makes $384,000 a year is caught on camera in an incident police are investigating. The dean pleads “lapse in judgment” but his explanation begs the question: If he was so concerned about helping his comrade, why didn’t he just buy him a new or used bike? Not like he’s hurting for cash…

It’s such an obvious question, yet the St. Pete reporter apparently didn’t ask him.

YouTube video below, but to see full-screen version click here.