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Top 11 Bike-Friendly Cities: America does better!

In Bicycle advocacy on January 21, 2010 at 1:10 am

We kvetched recently about how only one American city, Portland, made the Top 10 bike-friendly cities in the world list compiled by that paragon of velo-ology, Now in the spirit of Spinal Tap, Virgin Vacations has gone one notch further up with the 11 Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World. And guess what: There’s FOUR from the U.S. — San Francisco, Portland, Boulder and Davis. We love you Virgin Vacations, even if you sound like an oxymoron.

OK, fair enough. Anyone gets to name their Top 10, so why not Virgin Vacations, one of the world’s leading authorities on getaways? There’s no disputing that all four American destinations, which we’ve spent time in, are eminently bike-friendly. We can quibble whether Boulder and Davis are really cities — I mean, is there any other possible compilation where you’d find Davis alongside Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Copenhagen? But what the heck. We’re hard at work tracking down a list of the 12 Most Bike-Friendly Cities in the World. Is there an Or maybe Carnal Vacations?


Monday Morning Roundup: Hannah Montana et al

In Bicycling, Mountain Biking on March 2, 2009 at 7:51 am

Well my opinion of Miley Cyrus has gone up. She and boyfriend ride to yoga class in Toluca Lake CA (not LA as the article states), and that can’t be bad. (Actually I’ve never had an opinion, having never heard her sing or anything else, so perhaps I should say, my opinion has been formed!)

Mountain View CA is officially a bike-friendly city. I just spent three months there and it has lots of bike lanes, it’s true. The most bike-friendly part is the sunshine! 75 degrees in January!

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