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Daily Roundup returns!

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Equipment reviews, Interbike 2009, Mountain Biking on September 21, 2009 at 4:35 pm

I’m on the road to Interbike and have only sporadic connectivity. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Anyway, the bike world’s big wheel keeps on turnin’ …

IMBA is coming to the Point Reyes National Seashore this weekend for trail work with Chris and Leslie Kehmeier of the Subaru Trail Care Crew. It’s always a great time with the IMBA gang, and there’s a ride scheduled for Sunday as well.

Bike magazine, the No. 1 in readability, will produce something big and fat and self-important that it is modestly calling “The Bible,” full of reviews and other mtb stuff. It’s a bit curious because Bike magazine’s reviews are not its strong suit, not nearly as technical and in-depth as Mountain Bike Action’s. Instead, we love Bike mag for its feature articles and ‘tude. But we’ll see. Good writers should be able to write insightful reviews.

And when it comes to descriptive bike prose, nobody can write quite like Cedric Gracia … which is probably a good thing:

“The race was really good! Even with the rain, in the final I was in a 2nd place but I try to hard in a corner, I lost the grip and crash.” More on Cedric’s Red Bull Road Rage exploits here.

Moment in the Sun: Ellsworth’s long-travel trail bike, the Moment, has nabbed “Best 2009 All-Mountain Bike” from Taking nothing away from Tony and the gang, I’ll stick with my Pivot Firebird in that category, thank you.

Huffington Post has an excerpt from David Byrne’s new book, “Bicycle Diaries.”

On a bike, being just slightly above pedestrian and car eye level, one gets a perfect view of the goings-on in one’s own town. Unlike many other U.S. cities, here in New York almost everyone has to step onto the sidewalk and encounter other people at least once a day–everyone makes at least one brief public appearance. I once had to swerve to avoid Paris Hilton, holding her little doggie, crossing the street against the light and looking around as if to say, “I’m Paris Hilton, don’t you recognize me?” From a cyclist’s point of view you pretty much see it all.

More here.

Daily Roundup: Livestrong reminder, First person nekkid in Portland, Downieville, Bike mag wins Maggie

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on June 16, 2009 at 4:12 am

Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong Challenge hits Seattle on Sunday. Ride or not, you can help make a difference! Check it out…

Philly cyclists raised a ruckus about speed and unsafe conditions on Martin Luther King Way. Now they’re updating city’s responsiveness.

First person, albeit pseudonymous, report on the World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, from Seattle’s own Publicola.

Downieville: It’s not just for downhillers anymore.

Congrats to Bike magazine, the best-written, most entertaining sports publication available anywhere, for winning a prestigious Maggie award in L.A. Bicycle Retailer has the details:

“This is incredible,” said Bike magazine’s editor Lou Mazzante, who was on hand with fellow staff to accept the award. “To beat magazines like Tennis and Backpacker—magazines that have much larger staffs and budgets—is amazing. It’s a testament to the hard work and dedication of our staff and contributors; this award belongs to them.”

Daily Roundup: Bike Mag co. files bankruptcy, Cycling workaround for Hood Canal Bridge, Parkinson’s ride

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup on April 29, 2009 at 11:04 am

Bicycle Retailer: Bike Magazine is the best-written bike mag extant, so it’s discouraging that the parent company is filing for bankruptcy. The promise is to keep publishing, but no one except cave dwellers is in the dark about print publishing’s woes these days. One of the great things about Bike Magazine has been its sponsorships and advocacy work, beyond just the mag itself. They were at the Sea Otter premiere of “Freedom Riders” I reviewed, both as co-sponsor of the event and of the film too. Good folks, we wish them the best of luck.

Biking Bis has the skinny for road cyclists wanting to take advantage of car-deprived Olympic Peninsula during the Hood Canal Bridge shutdown, beginning Friday. Thanks Gene!

Velocity has details on Glenn Erickson leading a ride for Parkinson’s Disease out at Marymoor Park in Redmond on May 24. Glenn, a longtime icon in cycling circles (originally the “E” in R+E Cycles), was unfortunately diagnosed with the disease last August and is working to raise awareness with the Davis Phinney Foundation (former world-class racer Phinney also has Parkinson’s).

Daily Roundup: Seattle’s Bike Friendly Biz, Ventana’s Sherwood Gibson, Riding the “Flats”

In Daily Roundup on March 8, 2009 at 8:29 pm

Biking Bis has the scoop: “The Biking Bis headquarters neighboring city of Seattle had the most bicycle friendly companies — three, following by San Francisco, Portland and Madison, Wisconsin, with two each.” Children’s Hospital, Washington Bike Law/Anderton Law Office, and Avtech Corp. Ferndale’s Kona also got a nod…

Made to Order (MTO) Bikes: “Your company, and I hesitate to use the term “boutique,” but being a popular high-end brand that isn’t one of the big three, have truly maintained the “handbuilt in the USA” standard, do you face any challenges in keeping things American?” I’ve met Sherwood, and visited the Sacto–area shop, where I picked up my El Saltamontes Electric Super Dust XC frame. Way cool…

The man himself

The man himself

Bike magazine reviews the FlyPaper pedals. Crazy!

Apparently they do work

Apparently they do work

Looks Like Drilling in Moab is Dead

In Mountain Biking on February 18, 2009 at 12:04 am

Bike magazine updates previously reported intervention by Obama administration to stop oil drilling plans near Moab, Utah. Moab, an acronym for “mountain on a bike,” is one of the known galaxy’s premier mountain biking meccas, of course. Somehow riding around oil derricks might detract from its allure.

You have to love the monkeywrencher who put in the fake bids just to bollox up the process. Edward Abbey is cheering from his grave!