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News Cycle: Zoic resuscitates, Top bike-club names, Bike rear-view mirror safety sticker & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Lance's Chances, News Cycle, Rider Down on January 26, 2010 at 1:32 am

BikingBis: Top bike-club names. Can’t argue with Gene on these. We did have the privilege of serving with a 1980s club founded by the estimable epicure, Bradford O’Connor, in celebration of one of his favorite beverages. It was called Team Green Death, in reference to the suitably toxic Rainier Brewery product, which served as official libation for all team meetings, gatherings and functions, including the annual sponsored Century Ride. TGD served its purpose and passed on, but the audacious team jersey lives in our attic somewhere.

Trial starts tomorrow of woman accused of mowing down cyclists while on her cell phone.

Lance says he thinks he can win the Tour de France again. “I might be a fool,” he acknowledges. While we chuckle at the thought Lance might be a fool, and especially at the notion he might really think that, we also know he has almost no chance to win another Tour. But as we’ve said, till someone else with a scintilla of charisma steps forward to lead the sport, Lance might as well chat up his chances.

Early Zoic (circa 2004) clothing was trend-setting and cool. Then the parent company lost interest and Zoic got expensive and precious. Now Eric Swenson and Paul Wyandt have bought Zoic, and we’re expecting great things.

BikePortland has report on a clever bike safety sticker.

News Cycle: Seattle mayor bikes to presscon, Galby ramps up, Bike safety stickers, Toll workaround & more

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Mike Bikes! to press conference

You have to love this: Newly elected Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn riding his bike to a press conference. Thanks to BikeHugger for the pix. When we wondered last August whether Seattle could get a mayor “who actually rides,” we were expressing more hope than expectation. Now it’s breakthrough reality. Images like this do wonders to advance the cause. Our full mayoral-bike thread here.

Toll avoidance maneuver: “Bicycle enthusiasts and certain tourists who use the Ohio Turnpike are paying up to 75 percent more in tolls thanks to a change in vehicle classification that took effect toward the end of last year.” As I tweeted to BikingBis, here’s the drill: “Arrive toll booth, get out of car, get bike down, ride past toll booth, back to car, drive thru, put bike back on rack, drive on.”

Pedal Pusher Club's Bicycle Safe Vehicle

The Freeride Revolution continues apace. Up on Galbraith Mountain, not content with the region’s bestination (south of the border), they’re taking Galby to new heights with work on Luge, Upper Mullet and other hot spots. Thanks to WHIMPS, EB, Fanatik Bikes and everyone for giving us a 2010 season to top them all!

Kudos to Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle for birddogging the bikes-on-bus at any stop in downtown free ride area.

Downieville Classic will be July 9 through 11. Note the reference to “mental hardship”…there was talk of abandoning Downieville because of hassles from locals and the Forest Service. Sounds like nerves are still a bit frayed but at least The Big Dawg is on!!

Momentum: New Bicycle Safe Stickers from Pedal Pushers Club now available!

News Cycle: Two strikes against bike hatred, new Seattle DOT director, Portland’s commuter drop, Life Cycles DVD, ski-bike & more

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The Facebook protest against bike-hate continues to grow. Now there’s a “Help REMOVE this HATE GROUP against cyclists!” tribe. All instructions included. The outrage targets a Facebook page showing violence against cyclists as an appropriate traffic-management technique.

Speaking of hate: That deranged L.A. physician who doorstopped a group of cyclists with his car last summer has received a five-year sentence. As BikingBis notes, the judge characterized the case as a “wake-up call” to motorists and cyclists. The judge urged more bike lanes, but that (as the Facebook hate page shows) hardly guarantees progress toward equal rights for cycling. Still, there’s something going on with officialdom recognizing the need for more shall we say “infrastructure.” Full historiography of the case at LA Streetsblog.

The full and authorized version of the 2009 Portland bike count has been released, confirming an unexpected drop in ridership. No surprises in the speculative reasons why: Lower gas prices got cyclists back into their cars, and a “saturation” of Portland’s cycling infrastructure. The argument being that Portland has maxed out the number of folks who will ride bikes without more “infrastructure,” e.g., bike lanes, paths and services., as usual, has the full discussion.

“Life Cycles” is the name of a forthcoming mountain biking freeride DVD that promises to be something different. One line from producer I liked: “We decided to spend a lot of time instead of a lot of money.” Freeride DVDs have gotten awfully formulaic. How many more gap jumps and back flips can we take, anyway. We’ll see if these guys can truly break the mold.

BikeHacks ran across a bike-n-ski setup that’s a real hoot.

The fact that new Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s pick for the city’s new transportation director, Peter Hahn, doesn’t have an obvious City Hall connection, hold a dogmatic agenda or met any obvious litmus test bothers some folks. To me it’s a plus. A big plus.

Nominations for the 10th annual Bloggies close on Tuesday. Who gets my 3-slot?, and FatCyclist. BikePortland because Jonathan is relentlessly dedicated and productive, Cyclelicious because Yokota manages to find the interesting stuff and put it in a unique light, and FatCyclist because he endured the ultimate tragedy and then went out and raised a ton of money for a great cause. Best of luck to all, and dial in your votes now!

Daily Roundup: Searching for red van, Facebook violence, BikingBis hits 6-0, 72-year-old cuts back

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Police are seeking witnesses to reckless driving — injured cyclist accident near Redmond. Police are looking for a “newer red Honda Odyssey.” Someone out there knows, time to step forward and do the right thing.

And there’s a TV report. Note that one of the riders has a seat cam but apparently wasn’t using it on the ride. This may be one vital defense cyclists have in the never-ending battle with two-ton behemoths.

Deserving of further investigation: Facebook page encourages violence against cyclists… If you’re on Facebook you can tag the page as inappropriate.

Sixty-year-old guy celebrates birthday with 60-mile ride. Congrats to Gene Bisbee of BikingBis blog fame, looking forward to great things for 2010…

No worries, Gene & us other sextagenarians have lots of rides ahead of us. Here’s a mountain biker who at 72 acknowledges cutting back on the jumps and hucks (can’t afford to crash as much!).