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Black Diamond Bikes: Another one bites the dust

In Mountain Biking on January 19, 2010 at 11:31 am

In a lot of ways, Black Diamond Bike & Backcountry’s shop jump-started the freeride revolution in southeastern King County. The shop had the maps, helped build the network, sponsored the races, worked to maintain the trails and sold the bikes that made the whole thing pop ‘n sizzle. When it opened its doors eight years ago at the onetime coal-mining boom town, word quickly got out that if you were headed anywhere past Renton, BD Bikes was the place to stop for local knowledge. As Eric, Dennis, Lisa, Jim and others have noted, this was more than a bike shop. It was a scene.

So now that the freeride thing is in full swing, there’s a certain unjust irony in the shop’s closure. Blaming economic conditions, the operators posted a notice on its Web site declaring,”Dear Friends, yes the rumors are true.” Instead of being around to enjoy the fruits of its labor and evangelism, the shop is moving on.

Undoubtedly other factors contributed besides the economy. Running a bike shop is a labor largely of love no matter which way you slice it. No one is going to get rich, you spend a lot of time hand-holding with customers, you work hellacious hours and you get no vacations or even a slice of time to get out of town for a ride.

Other than that, it’s all gravy.

Bottom line: A good gang will be missed. Starting at 10 a.m. Thursday the shop will begin liquidating everything. Grab your chance to say good-bye, see a few familiar faces, swap war stories and pick up merchandise at dirt (literally) cheap prices. We can’t say it better than the shop itself:

“We will deeply miss working with all of you and hope to see you on the road, and on the trails. Peace.”