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Daily Roundup: Cleaning up after the long weekend

In Bicycle Racing, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking, Rider Down, Videos on September 8, 2009 at 2:22 am

PinkBike has video of the Worlds, including Brit legend Steve Peat’s long-awaited triumph. Peaty may be the only guy I’ve seen on a podium drinking more champagne than he sprayed, but to those who know and love the guy, they’d expect nothing less.

If you want to know why Peaty was so emotional after his victory, and what winning the striped jersey means to him, check out Clay Porter’s “The Tipping Point,” one of this year’s best mountain biking DVDs (included in our “Revolve” review). It will give you a heartwarming portrait of a guy everyone on tour considers one of the nicest, most generous and keep-it-real athletes they’ve ever encountered, or that any sport has had the good fortune to support.

Is Alberto Contador engaged in a sit-down strike? He hasn’t raced since his spat with Team Astana over 2010 (Bert said he wanted to ride elsewhere, Astana said they were holding him to his contract, which runs through next season), offering up pretty lame excuses. Methinks he’s slackin’ to avoid injury or lower-than-expected results that might reduce his market value (four teams are in the bidding so far).

Pez adds to the speculation:

“Now speaking of Contador and his fatigue – well it seems that he is so fatigued for a very good reason – every team seems to be throwing money at him and we all know how that can be fatiguing, right?? All that counting of money, deciding which mansion to buy and what colour Ferrari etc, that’s always tiring!”

NPR: More on Toronto road rage against cyclists. Not much clue as to why. It can’t be Canadian — I’ve ridden for years in Vancouver, Whistler and other B.C. metros with nothing but courteous treatment, far better than in the U.S. There must be some particular factor at work in Ontario…

Mark yer calendars: Saturday Oct. 3 is Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day…and that includes all you roadies!

Hope everyone had a great summer, August, and Labor Day weekend. Now strap on the backpack and clip into the pedals, cuz September is always the year’s Wringer Month!