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Weekend Roundup: Thrice bummed, Lance’s chances and more

In Bicycle Racing, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on June 28, 2009 at 2:01 pm

Bummed to be missing the Fluidride Cup at Mt. Hood OR this weekend.

Also bummed that I can’t be in B.C. for the start of the fabled, the legendary, the epic, the agonistic and ecstatic BC Bike Race today.

And thirdly bummed that it’s so friggin’ hot out here in NorCal that this pobo can’t ride!!!

Are we hot or not?

Are we hot or not?

In today’s Nod Nod Wink Wink category, we have “Astana Names Contador as Astana Team Leader.” Now we all know who calls the shots on any team Lance Armstrong is on, right? I mean, we just do. So why pretend?

Who can rule Lance Armstrong out (of winning the Tour)? asks Bicycle.Net in an otherwise reality-based rundown of Tour contenders. Me. I do. Um, over here. Lance will not win. Even if he’s still doping. Next question…

I like Race Face. Never had a problem with any of their components. Now they have a new breakout crank line that’s dazzling on the eyes and not too severe on the pocketbook. Full details from Mountain Bike Action.

Finally someone does an unspun, detailed, informative review of Stan’s NoTubes wheels. Talk on the street is that Stan’s rims are soft. Light, yes. Durable, no. MTO (Bill Lobe) gives the full rundown. Some good lines too: “I found them to be stiffer than my in-laws.” More true than the wheels as well…

Daily Roundup: Port Angeles Fluidride results, Marin MTB festival, Bike fatalities by state, Elle’s belle

In Bicycle Racing, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on May 5, 2009 at 12:12 am

Great racing at Port Angeles on Sunday, here‘s the results from Fluidride…congrats to winners Curtis Keene and Kirkland ace Katie Holden, and to local Issaquah/Renton star Luke Strobel on second place!

The Marin place to be later this month is its annual Mountain Bike Film Festival & Party (Blowout!!!) on Sunday, May 17, in San Rafael. This is an incredible scene, with lots of local icons a la Joe Breeze and Gary Fisher often present, helping to benefit a number of local worthy organizations. The main presentation this year won’t disappoint: “Freedom Riders,” which premiered at Sea Otter (and we reviewed).

Florida and California led the nation in bicycle fatalities in 2007, according to this study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Washington State is pretty middle-of-the-pack with just 14 deaths, although its percent of total, 2.5, is higher than average. If you want to improve your odds, move to North Dakota, Vermont, Delaware or Wyoming. No bicycle fatalities in those states.

Bike deaths by state

Bike deaths by state

Finally, we leave you with an inspirational image from Elle Macpherson…

Fluidride Cup Schedule Announced

In Bicycle Racing, Mountain Biking on February 26, 2009 at 6:33 pm

The 2009 lineup is out, kicking off April 3 through 5 in Port Angeles.

To get a feel join the Fluidride Forum and start planning! See y’all there!

Be sure to check out the rockin’ vids (scroll down the first link)!