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Daily Roundup: Cranktrix, Lance to do Ironman, Riders Down, Texting while crashing

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Lance's Chances, Mountain Biking, Rider Down on August 18, 2009 at 9:34 pm

Great video of best tricks at Crankworx, with Greg Watts’ 360 whip and single flip whip losing out to Andreu Lacondeguy’s 360 flatspin seatgrab indian air. MTBR has more Lance’s next throwdown: The Ironman triathlon in Kona. This is great stuff, bringing international attention to niche sports typically followed largely by the friends and families of participants. Should be great fun if he actually follows through!

FatCyclist talks about crashing at the Leadville 100. With all this guy has been through, including losing his wife recently to cancer, a header is about the last thing you’d wish on him. Better luck next year Elden!

Rider Down in West Seattle. You hate to hear the “life-theatening injuries” part…

The Stranger’s Dan Savage almost gets sideswiped by a woman texting while driving. I’m seeing so much of this bullshit that I’ve started screaming at the drivers to log off and drive! Dan includes pertinent video…