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Why Fewer Women Riders? Wait a sec…

In Mountain Biking on February 23, 2010 at 9:24 pm

Angela taming a log roll in St. Ed's

Why are fewer women cycling? asks BikeRumor. Well, er… are there actually fewer women riding? Most data in urban areas suggests the opposite. And on the trails, there’s a real explosion in women mtbers (granted the base was small). On Twitter and Facebook, more women riders all the time. Still, it’s worth a read…

Case in (counter)point: Angela Sucich takes the Diamondback Lux Sport out for a thrash.

Gregg’s Cycles in Seattle has reprised W.O.W. — Women on Wheels, a Ladies Night Out. Mark it down: 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 4, at the Green Lake store.

And at 86, still pedaling.

Then again, Martin Krieg, the “FarthingPenny” guy, checks in with this report:

“Who should roll up but Ellen Fletcher, America’s first politician/bike activist. And the woman for whom America’s first bike boulevard here in Palo Alto was named. Ellen asked me how our ride to Boston was coming along, and among other things, told me she had seen our bus parked on the other bike boulevard, Park Blvd, at Park Automotive Services. And as she pedaled off, I felt the need to corroborate her age for Chris and Caroline, the passer by who took the below photo. Ellen had to stop to get enough wind to answer me. She was still on the mend from having had a cancerous part of her lung removed.

“Eighty two”, she answered. She got back on her bike and pedaled away!!”

Alice Telford rides like ... a girl!

A less encouraging case in point: Woman rider clotheslined in steep gully.

Don’t forget the always cyclesque Kate Hudson!

And then there’s “Women of Dirt,” which is getting premieres all up and down the West Coast. The Cali premiere is this Sunday in Santa Cruz, rain or shine.

Which brings us to the subject of the bizarre dreariness and slop of this winter. In Vancouver they’re sweating in sunshine but the SF Bay Area can’t buy a ray. The big question-mark this weekend is the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival. “Women of Dirt” will show, but the rides and events planned around the festival aren’t being helped by the wet. Mark Davidson & the gang at Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz have put together an incredible weekend, with more than $15,000 worth of merchandise to raffle off. At last tweet everything is still on, Soquel Demo ride and Jump Jam included! Got my ticket from Another Bike Shop in Santa Cruz and am ready to rumble!


Kate Hudson can ride a bike as she well pleases…

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycling on February 12, 2010 at 10:50 am

The girl can ride

Kate Hudson seems to be the real deal, a celeb who loves to ride a bike. Catch the name of her son: Ryder, the best cycling name in the world. But we take issue with a couple of characterizations online. We would not call her, in the words of, a Bicycle Babe. The current argot, sanctioned by Luna, is “Bike Chick.” And in any case, Kate is no spring chicken. I guess Bike Mom doesn’t carry quite the allure, though.

The other nit we would pick involves Kate riding in a dress. Now normally we find ourselves in wholehearted concurrence with our friend and colleague Yokota Fritz over at, but in this case we must express high dudgeon. Or at least medium dudgeon. High might be a bit excessive, but hear us out.

Needs to cover up...

Also needs to cover up...

The photo shows Kate’s dress “billowing” up as she rides along on her Electra Super Deluxe street bike. The always helpful Yokota says there’s a solution to this: a garter clip which, when fastened to the hem of the skirt, keeps things from going all Marilyn Monroe.

Does not need to cover up

What are you thinking? This is Kate Hudson, not some prune-faced Republican blue nose like Michele Bachmann. We’re not talking Miss Piggy or Her Majesty the Queen. If Kate Hudson wants to ride with her dress splaying out, I say more power to her. She’s just exercising her God-given right to ride whatever way she pleases. Cocktail dresses, full-length gowns, coulottes, mini-skirts, we don’t care. We don’t even object to flip-flops and plunging necklines. Or no helmet. In the case of Kate Hudson, we will make an exception to any cycling rule we have ever advocated.

Besides, I don’t even think that Kate is, as Yokota puts it, “struggling to stay covered” as she rides. Hell no. She’s just out there hammering! And who can blame her?! When you’ve got it, in the immortal words of Max Bialystock, flaunt it, baby, flaunt it! Ride on Kate! We’d love you even if you rode a fixie!

Daily Roundup: PUMP is now NTA, Hilarious pentagonal bike, Bike recession downer, Fully rigid ride up Tiger, Hilary ‘n Kate

In Bicycling, Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on May 29, 2009 at 6:28 am

Portland’s great mountain biking club, PUMP (Portland United Mountain Pedalers), has joined the “Alliance” movement among mountain biking organizations, changing its name to Northwest Trail Alliance and following in the footsteps of Seattle-based Backcountry Bicycle Trails Club’s changeover to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance last year.

The idea here is to emphasize mountain biking’s outreach to other trail users, as well as other cycling organizations, to further access and improve image. Mountain biking is expanding, but trail access is not keeping pace. Yes there’s a lot of rogue activity by groms and others, building and extending trails in an unauthorized capacity. But to make the movement stick, mtbers will have to work with resource agencies, local governing bodies and the community at large. This takes a lot of trench work, for which we can be eternally thankful. Ally, ally! We can only win together.

More from

Copycat Update!: Scott Marlow noticed a certain similarity as well…in the logos (hat tip to Ross Cattelan for images):

Former BBTC logo

Former BBTC logo

NTA logo

NTA logo

Literally re-inventing the wheel:

I'll wait for the motocross version, thanks...

I'll wait for the motocross version, thanks...

The bike business continues to get hammered by the recession/Depression, but the good news (I think) is that bikes are outselling cars! As the Monty Python troup might put it, Always ride in the bright lane of life!

Over at BikingBis, Gene Bisbee rode up Tiger Mountain yesterday to admire the view of Mt. Rainier from the East Summit…on a fully rigid Rockhopper! That’s a “classic MTB” in the mountain biking world. Congrats Gene, and hope the ride down went, er, smoothly.

Have a great weekend! Not to extend the fully rigid metaphor, we depart with images of bike enthusiasts Kate Hudson and Hilary Duff (hat tips to Cyclelicious and Riding Pretty). Now get out and ride!

Kate on a Schwinn...

Kate on a Schwinn...

Hilary on a roll...

Hilary on a roll...