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News Cycle: ___spiring, Sam Hill’s narrow miss, Longest wheelie & more

In Bicycle Racing, Lance's Chances, Mountain Biking, News Cycle on January 18, 2010 at 1:41 am

Inspiring: Thousands join Lance’s Twitter ride Down Under. I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen 5,000 cyclists in a peloton. It must have been quite a sight.

Perspiring: British dude wheelies for 8 miles, claims world record.

Aspiring: The Schleck brothers take aim on this year’s Tour. We’re big fans of Andy Schleck and brother Frank and think they hold the key to this year’s Tour de France. With no obviously dominating team like Astana in 2009, the Tour should be a ripper in 2010. Let’s hope the Schleck’s stay healthy and mix it up!

Re my consternation at Bogota beating out Portland in the world’s Top 10 bike-friendly cities, Tim over at CarFreeDays has a thoughtful response.

Top 10 things you don’t wanna hear after a bicycle accident… and Top 10 things you should do.

LA Streetsblog has argument against bike paths. All well and good, but one note: Crappy LA bike paths don’t mean all bike paths are crappy like LA. Many of the deficiencies raised have been addressed in more bike-friendly places, and in general bike paths are a huge plus for getting the new and timid out on two wheels.

What in Sam Hill?
Aussie downhill king and former World Champion Sam Hill had the Australian Mountain Bike Championship within his grasp but slid out just meters from the finish line. Chris Kovarik claimed the win, epitomizing the expression about better to be lucky…

BikingBis: Mudslide blocks Burke-Gilman Trail.

Some days you think you’ve got problems. Then you read about Mark Weir’s loss

Why Aptos Needs a Pump Track

In Bicycle advocacy, Mountain Biking on January 6, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Right now it’s a seedy vacant lot. But if the mountain biking community in Aptos CA and its Santa Cruz environs have any say, the open field behind the Post Office jump park will soon be transformed into a major drawing card for NorCal riders.

Led by Epicenter Cycling, a new bike shop in Aptos, an effort is under way to install a pump track in the unused dirt lot adjacent to the bike shop. Right now commercial zoning stands in the way, but advocates are working with regulators to enable accommodation of the track.

This is a great opportunity for Aptos/Santa Cruz to build on its growing reputation, stoked by icons like Cam and Tyler McCaul, Jamie Goldman and Greg Watts, the reigning Krankworx Slopestyle champion who flies more air than United.

The Aptos clan has not only brought fans, groupies and fellow starz to the tiny seaside community, their Jump Jam contests and cameos on DVDs have put Aptos on the international mountain biking map. It used to be when a McCaul was introduced, people would say, “Aptos? Where’s that?” Now they nod and say, “Yeah dude, that’s where the jump park rools!”

Alas, the jump park is slated to be shut down, and there isn’t a clear alternative nearby. Freeride trails are springing up in the woods, but replacing the jump park isn’t going to be easy. Aptos definitely will need a new holy grail.

A pump track would be a big step in the right direction. Downieville and Marin County celeb Mark Weir has garnered lots of attention for a track he put in on private property in Novato, where the mtb v. hiker wars continue apace.

Pump tracks are like mini LeMans courses for bikes. You ride berms and humps around a large, wide loop, gaining speed (without having to pedal) for jumps and launches. It’s a great way to build riding skills as well as get a nice workout, which shuttling up a fire road or riding a chair lift won’t provide.

Two other benefits to tracks, which parallel skateboard bowls: They’re great gathering places, and they provide a positive recreational outlet for kids at a much-needed time of their lives.

With the regulatory process just under way, there’s no ETA yet for the pump track. But backers hope to have it in place in time for the 2010 season.

“Lots of folks are anxious to get in and start building,” said Shawn Wilson, owner of Epicenter Cycling. “Human power won’t be a problem.”

Daily Roundup: Mark Weir’s loss, Bike biz slump, Jimmy Mac looks back, Steve Smith rocks!

In Daily Roundup, Mountain Biking on December 31, 2009 at 2:40 am

Mark Weir‘s Marin home burned to the ground. He and his family are safe, thankfully, but what a loss… Best wishes to the Weir clan.

Ooof…bike sales down 5 percent in October, shipments down 11 percent. It’s gonna be awhile before we dig out of this hole, folks.

On the brighter side, Mountain Bike Action‘s resident Everyman, Jimmy Mac, looks back on 2009. Great stuff, but Jimmy, I haveta speak up. That photo of the guy going over the rock: As a faithful MBA reader, I recall a letter you printed whose author claimed the photo was faked. And MBA said, as I recall, Hey, we DO NOT FAKE photos. So which is it? Your faithful fan, Paul.

We luv Evil cuz they’re based in our home town of Seattle and have one of the coolest bike names, slotting in at No. 4 on our Top 10 Bike Names Of All Time list. So by extension we have to luv Steve Smith.

Happy 2010 everyone! Now get out ‘n RIDE!!!