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Where Mountain Biking Beats Road Cycling

In Mountain Biking on February 15, 2009 at 10:14 am

LA Times: “Although cyclists are known for staying on top of their training heart rate zones and pedal cadence, increasing research suggests they should also pay attention to their risk of thinning bones.”

Add osteopenia to the list of reasons to mountain bike instead of road ride. (I took up mountain biking partly because road riding was becoming too dangerous, but that’s another story.)

When you’re out on the trails, as any mtber knows, chances are you’re gonna have to walk. Or climb. Or hike. And push the bike the whole time.

It’s called hike-a-bike, and we all complain about it. But next time you’re slogging up some remote peak in the heat of the day, remember this: You’re building bone density! You’re adding years to your long suffering existence! Don’t you just love it!