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Daily Roundup: Giro to start in New York?

In Daily Roundup on November 6, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Start the Giro d’Italia in America? In New York? Little Italy? A criterium? Would Lance try to organize another slowdown? I can’t wait… I mean, what would BikeSnobNYC say?

More coasting backwards: Easton Bell, joining Shimano, SRAM and Mavic, says sales are in the tank, down 11.3 percent for 3Q.

“On the Bell side, preseason orders increased in the low single digits in part due to demand for the new Variant mountain bike helmet. At $80 retail, the helmet fills a desirable pricepoint and allows for increased presence in the important mountain bike crategory, Harrington said.”

Right on. Mountain biking will save the bike industry yet!

Local boyz do good: EVIL, FSA headline Bike Magazine’s “10 promising new products.”

Just when you think cyclists are making some headway in the political-justice system, the surreal, goofy, bizarre, inexplicable 3-year-old injunction against the SF Bicycle Plan rears its antediluvian head. And here’s the list of what the injunction is holding up. Analysis of bike accidents show t-bone is most prevalent (not right hook). Like Yokota, I’m a bit surprised. You certainly read more about “hooks” causing fatalities. Studies like these are important, though, for establishing baseline data from which to make policy. Numbers work wonders for getting legislators to move. (The riding against traffic one hurts, though.)