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News Cycle: Seattle’s Biking Mayor, Lou Mazzante, Ultegra chain failure & more

In News Cycle on February 22, 2010 at 9:18 am

Great video from Streetfilms of Seattle’s new Mayor Mike McGinn riding around town. It was a long ride politically for McGinn to get elected, and serving in office is always filled with potholes and doorstops. We could continue with the bike analogies ad nauseum, but let’s leave it at this: In all the times we encountered McGinn riding in the past, he never was coasting! (Obviously we missed his “electric bike” phase!)

Congrats to Lou Mazzante, named editor of Mountain Bike magazine. We liked his work for BIKE, the best-written bike magazine around, and trust he’ll bring similar sensibilities to Mountain Bike. We hope this signals, in fact, a greater commitment to Mountain Bike, which has been a kind of weak sister to the somniferous Bicycling since it “absorbed” Mountain Bike a few years back. I didn’t realize Mountain Bike is 25 years old, though. That makes me feel old. Wait a minute, I am old…

Older I bet than this guy. He looks pretty buff too!

SeattleLikesBikes does not like the Burke-Gilman Trail’s “Missing Link.” Take a ride on the pitted side…

Cozy Beehive on the Shimano Ultegra chain failures. See comments queue too. This one needs to be networked: The visual evidence on Cozy is compelling but one would think that, if the problem is widespread, we’d be hearing from a lot of cyclists out there. The Bee says to stay tuned

Outside Magazine: Ban on mountain bikes in wilderness areas is plain wrong.

News Cycle: Seattle mayor bikes to presscon, Galby ramps up, Bike safety stickers, Toll workaround & more

In Bicycle advocacy, Mountain Biking, News Cycle, Obama Bikes, Trail Access on January 15, 2010 at 9:02 am

Mike Bikes! to press conference

You have to love this: Newly elected Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn riding his bike to a press conference. Thanks to BikeHugger for the pix. When we wondered last August whether Seattle could get a mayor “who actually rides,” we were expressing more hope than expectation. Now it’s breakthrough reality. Images like this do wonders to advance the cause. Our full mayoral-bike thread here.

Toll avoidance maneuver: “Bicycle enthusiasts and certain tourists who use the Ohio Turnpike are paying up to 75 percent more in tolls thanks to a change in vehicle classification that took effect toward the end of last year.” As I tweeted to BikingBis, here’s the drill: “Arrive toll booth, get out of car, get bike down, ride past toll booth, back to car, drive thru, put bike back on rack, drive on.”

Pedal Pusher Club's Bicycle Safe Vehicle

The Freeride Revolution continues apace. Up on Galbraith Mountain, not content with the region’s bestination (south of the border), they’re taking Galby to new heights with work on Luge, Upper Mullet and other hot spots. Thanks to WHIMPS, EB, Fanatik Bikes and everyone for giving us a 2010 season to top them all!

Kudos to Cascade Bicycle Club in Seattle for birddogging the bikes-on-bus at any stop in downtown free ride area.

Downieville Classic will be July 9 through 11. Note the reference to “mental hardship”…there was talk of abandoning Downieville because of hassles from locals and the Forest Service. Sounds like nerves are still a bit frayed but at least The Big Dawg is on!!

Momentum: New Bicycle Safe Stickers from Pedal Pushers Club now available!

Seattle mayor’s new communications head is a cyclist

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycling, Obama Bikes on December 27, 2009 at 2:07 am

A friend and former colleague at The Seattle Times, Mark Matassa, was recently named new Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn’s director of communications.

Numerous articles on his new appointment cited Mark’s many accomplishments and qualifications. However, none noted what we consider to be a salient, if not the crowning, characteristic of his long personal resume.

That’s right. He’s a cyclist.

We are not sure where the “C” word appears on Mayor McGinn’s checklist of qualifications for new appointments. But we hope it’s pretty high. After all, if Mike is out there riding to press conferences on his bike, he’s got to have a staff that can keep up with him!

Congrats Mark and all the best in your new calling.

As Seattle Mayor, Mike McGinn Will Keep Riding His Bike

In Bicycle advocacy, Bicycle Commuting, Obama Bikes on December 1, 2009 at 12:13 pm

SEATTLE — After last night’s Town Hall meeting, I asked Mike McGinn if he was going to ride the horse what got him there — his electric bike — once he took office January 1st.

“Definitely!” he boomed out. He might not get to ride everywhere, he noted, but he would be riding everywhere practical given the pressures of time and distance.

Although there was “nothing to announce yet,” McGinn made it sound like he had a plan in the works. “Let’s just say the Executive Support Unit is working on it.” That would be the Police Dept. Seattle has a robust contingent of cops who ride, so I’m thinking any hitches would have more to do with protocol than officer orientation.

And I suspect Mike will make a splash with this. The cycling community, including Bike Intelligencer, gave wholehearted support to McGinn’s campaign, and Mike understands political symbolism as well as if not better than any mayor we’ve ever had.

There’s a practical side to McGinn’s plan as well. I noted Hizzoner-to-be has put on a few pounds since his campaigning days began. As I tweeted during the Town Hall at #NewSeattle, cycling in office will help ensure that his only spare tire is in his tool kit.

So we can stay tuned…and watch for a helmeted dignitary roaming the downtown corridor!

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