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Daily Roundup: Lance’s coyness, Tyler rools! Fixie Love and more

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Well now Lance has himself in a pretty pickle. With the Tour of California moving to May to avoid the freezing wet of last April’s racing, Lance now has to decide between the Giro d’Italia and the Tour d’Cali. I’m sure his heart is in California but he has Team Radio Shack to think about, and all the big bucks that go with Euro racing. So he’s being coy. First he’s not gonna do Cali, only the Giro. Then — UPDATE! — he says he’s mulling things over. OK by us if he keeps us guessing, long as he comes down on the side of the Golden State.

I know it’s possible to love a bike, and in fact it’s possible to love several bikes at once. I love all my mountain bikes, for instance. I will never love a fixed gear bike, but am not opposed to fixed-gear relationships and in fact support affording fixed-gear lovers the same rights and benefits as all bike owners. So when I read a syrupy encomium to the fixie, I do not disrespect. I link.

Turner was showing a prototype of its DW-Link RFX long-travel trail bike at Interbike 2009, but to me it looks like the thing still needs work. Strange that it’s taking so long, too. We know Dave wants to get it right, but there’s gotta be some subtext here. Licensing? Flat market for hi-end 6-inch bikes? Design tweaks? Whisper in our ear, we won’t say where we got it from…

This Day In Doping: Thomas Dekker is tossed off Team Silence after his B test shows positive. Dekker says it was a one-off mistake he apologizes for and WILL NEVER DO AGAIN! Why are we so uncharitably skeptical? Well, for one, there’s the issue of who sponsored Dekker. To cleanse itself of the embarrassing association with an admitted doper, Silence is changing its name to … Omega Pharma! That’s right, a drug company is financing a pro cycling team. And you wonder why it’s so dang hard to clean up this sport:

“Silence, which is part subsidized by Belgium’s national lottery, has changed the name of its main sponsor on several occasions in recent years. It was called Davitamon from 2005 to 2006, Predictor in 2007 and Silence in 2008 and 2009. All three names are from products among those made by the pharmaceutical company Omega Pharma.”

More kudos to Wenatchee’s Tyler Farrar, who on Thursday won the opening stage of the Circuit Franco-Belge, then followed it with another win Friday. With “fastest human on wheels” Mark Cavendish out for the season, Farrar stands a great chance of racking up some impressive wins.


Daily Roundup: Ex-mtber wins road worlds, Cali parks stay open, Interbike leftovers and more

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California’s decision not to close state parks is great news for mountain bikers. Common sense in this case was aided by the stat that for every dollar the state spends on its parks, it takes in about $3. That and the fact concessionaires were contacting their lawyers over breach of contract if the parks were to close…

A former mountain biker, Australia’s Cadel Evans, has won the world road racing championship. A former road racer has never won much of anything in mountain biking, so this proves which is the tougher sport. Moreover, Evans is a “clean” rider, so it’s an even bigger deal.

GoPro’s early stuff was junk, but credit where due, they’re keeping at it and getting it right. The Hero HD was at Interbike 2009 and I think I’ll give their line another go-around.

IMBA’s industry breakfast at Interbike 2009 packed ’em in. We’re looking forward to the mentioned bike-umentary, “Pedal Driven.”

Alberto Contador may not have to ride for Astana next year, because Astana may not exist next year.

The Tour of California, shaping up as America’s premier contribution to the world cycling calendar, is moving to mid-May next year. Hopefully no more April showers, and it’ll be a lot warmer. We fans thank the organizers! (And thanks to Lance Armstrong for bringing out the crowds this past season, guaranteeing the event’s future.)

OK OK, what I said about Cadel Evans was just a joke, OK? Besides, Lance is NOT a former road racer who left road racing for mountain biking. And the Leadville 100 is hardly the world championships. OK???

Zabriskie Theft Hard to Believe

In Bicycle Racing on February 24, 2009 at 11:38 pm

David Zabriskie, who finished second, that’s right, No. 2, in the recent Tour of California, obviously does a lot of traveling that takes him away from home. So it’s understandable that thieves would have an unattended house to target. What’s hard to believe is that they could take everything — cars, bikes, personal items, collector’s items — in what must have either taken upwards or more than an hour or a coordinated effort of several persons, without being detected.

I guess it’s understandable if he lives in one of those faceless suburbs where people never seem to be at home. But still…

You have to feel for the guy. On Cloud 9 one day, in the dumps the next.

Twitter, Facebook Help Lance Recover Stolen Bike

In Bicycle Racing on February 19, 2009 at 7:18 am

Police say the million eyes of the Web helped create an environment where Lance’s stolen bike could not go undetected. They credit Twitter, which Lance used to send a personal “APB” to his 144,000 followers, and Facebook, which set up a “1 million citizens” group, for helping in the effort to recover the one-of-a-kind time trial bike Lance used in the Tour of California bicycle race.

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Lance Armstrong Goes Where We’ve All Been: Stolen Bike

In Bicycle Racing on February 16, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Lance’s time trial bike was stolen in Sacramento, where he is competing in the Tour of California. If you see it, be sure to report it to police. It’s got his name on it.

I’d hate to be Lance, going to his insurance company and being asked what the value of the claimed item was.

“Um, it’s one of a kind. It’s pretty high-end. I’m going to say $20,000.”

“Er, right Mr. Armstrong. We’ll have our adjuster sit down with you as soon as possible. Is there a vendor you prefer to deal with for replacement purposes?”