Paul Andrews

This Day in Doping: Seattle’s Kenny Williams banned for 2 years

In Bicycle Racing, This Day In Doping on December 5, 2009 at 5:18 pm

As we wrote earlier, longtime Seattle cycling figure Kenny Williams confessed to using DHEA, pretty much indicating he’d have to face the music. It’s a shame, and we trust in Kenny’s case it will serve as a lesson. He’ll lose his 3000 metre individual pursuit and kilometre time trial titles from August. His victory in the 40-44 3000 metre individual pursuit was an unofficial world record.

Younger amateurs hopefully will think twice. But doping is so ingrained, financially and politically as well as athletically, it also seems a shame that, coincidentally or not (we think the latter), the lesser names get the lion’s share of penalization.

That said, we still think there’s more to the Williams situation than has been disclosed so far. Another part of the hypocrisy of the system is to brush over details even as penalties are meted out. “Unnamed anabolic agent”? Really? Why the obfuscation?

Drunk cyclist has more. See comments queue.

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